Hands Like Houses: “Dissonants” Will Take You By Storm

The Australian rock band Hands Like Houses is set to deliver with their new CD “Dissonant.” The five guys from Cranberra have produced a thirteen track CD, with a song and a sound sure to appeal to almost everyone. Emerging from the indie pop-rock scene, the band is sure to attract new audiences with a new, distinctive sound.

Lead singer Trenton Woodly has a tremendous vocal range, even when he slips into “screamo” mode. The band is starting to edge towards a more metal sound, as evident with the intense guitar work of Matt Cooper and Alex Pearson. Pay attention to the lyrics on this one, “Colourblind” is about the drawbacks of political correctness. This album is about empowerment, reflection, and revolution within and without. “Glasshouse “is a rocking song that means business, about the upcoming storm, and where you will find yourself. Jamal Sabat’s keyboards are the driving sound behind “Grey Haven,” a song about the mysteries of death, and possibly depression. “Bloodlines” finishes the CD, with Trenton’s voice pondering the choices before him.

The CD is a bit “emo,” but many great bands have started out with that same sound, like Papa Roach and My Chemical Romance, two bands whose careers soared after releasing more mainstream music. I think Hands Like Houses has a good grip on where they need to travel musically, and Dissonants is heading in that direction. My personal favorites are “I Am,” “Momentary,” and “10 Degrees of Separation”. This is a CD worth listening to multiple times. The CD is due out February 26, and will be available on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.com.

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