Ship Wars: Full House

In case you have been living under a rock this past week, the highly-anticipated sitcom Fuller House premiered on Netflix. If you haven’t watched it yet, let us tell you, the nostalgia is real. There are few things as sweet as watching the characters we loved in Full House back together on-screen. Those of us at TNWU have enjoyed it so much, that we wanted to take some time to remember and celebrate the couples from the original show while also recognizing some of the new ones. So, we hope this is as fun for you as it is for us! Vote for your favorites below!

Jesse and Becky. Perhaps no couple is remembered as well as these two. Maybe it is because John Stamos and Lori Loughlin are absolutely beautiful or it’s because viewers got to watch their relationship begin and grow into a marriage and their own family. Whatever the case, watching them together again made fans everywhere cheer.

jesse and becky

DJ and Steve. One of the other long-term relationships on Full House was DJ and Steve. Fewer things are as fun to watch on television as teenage love and that is what DJ and Steve brought to the show. While we learn on Fuller House that the two did not end up together, many fans can’t help but pull for them to have a second chance. All I know is that if Scott Weinger (Steve) would just sing “A Whole New World,” he would not only have won Jasmine’s heart, but would probably win DJ’s again as well.

dj and steve

Kimmy and Duane. Who doesn’t love Kimmy Gibbler? She was comedic gold and just added even more heart to the series. While she was a strange character, viewers loved her and loved seeing her find someone to be with. Duane seemed like a perfect match for Kimmy, which the Tanners were not sure she would find. While we find out in Fuller House that Kimmy ended up with someone else, we can still remember fondly this couple that made us laugh.

kimmy and duane

Danny and Vicky. Many fans loved this couple. After so many years of raising three girls without a woman by his side, most would agree that Danny deserved a relationship. It was his time and many were devastated when these two did not end up together. Should they have tried to make it work? Let us know!

danny and vicky


Kimmy and Fernando. In the Fuller House premiere, we meet Kimmy’s ex-husband Fernando. The Tanner’s are shocked that Kimmy not only married but has an ex who is doing his best to get back together with her. Fernando was not faithful during their marriage, but wants to change, plus they have a daughter together. Should Kimmy give him another chance or is their relationship too far gone? Let us know!

kimmy and fernando

DJ and Matt. Matt is one of DJ’s love interests on Fuller House and works with her at a vet clinic. Matt takes his time with DJ but makes it clear that he is interested in her and DJ seems interested in return. He is handsome, and someone new could be just what DJ (and the show) needs as she decides to start seeing people after the tragic death of her husband.

dj and matt

Danny and Teri. In Fuller House, we learn that Danny and Vicky never made it work, but he has a new wife Teri. They seem to be deeply in love and it is obvious that Teri admires Danny and is incredibly happy as his wife. Are you disappointed that Danny didn’t end up with Vicky, or are you just really glad that he found someone to make him happy and that he can make happy in return?

danny and teri


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