Jacob Whitesides Announces “The Lovesick Tour”

Up-and-coming artist Jacob Whitesides has announced that he’ll be going on tour beginning May 18th! The Lovesick Tour will precede the release of a new single by the same name, “Lovesick,” set to be released in mid-April. The single is from Whitesides’ first full-length album, which will be released later this summer.

For Jacob, The Lovesick Tour is an opportunity for him to show his fans from North America the appreciation he has for all of their support.

“A year ago, I had never been outside of the U.S., and thanks to my fans around the world, I’ve been able to go see them, perform my songs for them and keep them first. I am able to do what I’m doing because of our connection, and ‘The Lovesick Tour’ is a chance for me to thank my North American fans for giving me so much love and support along the way.”

Jacob got his start in the music industry by creating first cover videos for songs, and then originals that fans loved equally. Now at age 18, Whitesides is the CEO of Double U Records, a partner of BMG, as well as a singer/songwriter. His EP A Piece of Me reached number one on the iTunes singer/songwriter chart in 2015, and the song “Not my Type at All” from the album became a hit. And according to Pandora, Spotify, and MTV, Whitesides is the “Artist to Watch” for 2016, something that has never happened to an artist prior to Whitesides.

Part of Whitesides’ success could be attributed to the fact that he’s creating the music he wants without the constraints of a big label’s say in the matter.

“The new album is more personal to me than anything I’ve ever created. I’m growing up as an artist at the same time that my fans are growing up, too, and as always, we are keeping it honest. Unlike a lot of artists I know who can get jammed to work with the trendy person at the moment, I’m grateful to walk into the studio with my guitar alongside my awesome Tennessee collaborators to make something high energy and authentic for my fans,” says Jacob.

Don’t miss your chance to catch Jacob Whitesides on The Lovesick Tour. Tickets go on sale on March 25th at jacobwhitesides.com. Additionally, the first 50 people in each city to purchase tickets for the tour will also earn a free meet-and-greet with Whitesides, so don’t wait!

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