Mr. Eric Clapton and The Big Seven-Zero


Over the years Eric Clapton has been a living legend, rolling out hits like ‘Tears in Heaven’ and ‘Wonderful Tonight’. His soft croon and soulful, quite simple compilations have been featured in many a first dance, many a funeral, and more importantly, resonated deep within each and every one of our hearts. I think everyone must have an Eric Clapton moment. I know a lot of people whose parents’ first wedding dance was to the dreamy ‘Wonderful Tonight’; my first experience was at my grandma’s funeral when my mother picked ‘Tears in Heaven’.

His universal reach and appeal is undeniable, his legendary status well-renown. Thank you for your heartfelt and deep songs, Mr. Clapton. I’ve got a top five…have you?



‘After Midnight’ is a departure from what we usually know Mr. Clapton for–his slow, soul-searching crooning–but also includes a fun and needless proof of his mastery with the electric guitar.



‘Layla’ has possibly one of the most recognizable and well-known openers with the dark, broody, snappy mood set by Clapton’s soulful voice and him showcasing wild, head-bashing riffs.



Not just a classic, but an Eric Clapton classic. This is everything about his sound. Effortlessly cool, something you instantaneously latch onto and sing along. It’s a song that everyone knows–it’s that good.






You knew those two would be at the top, didn’t you? (I’m not that unpredictable). They’re truly two of Eric Clapton’s greatest and probably the world’s greatest songs. They’re probably featured in everybody’s Top 100 and featured at everyone’s ‘something’ or ‘big event’. They are mindlessly simple and utterly unforgettable, and I think you know music is power when it inspires and moves like Clapton’s songs have. To put it simply, Mr. Clapton’s already done that for me:

My driving philosophy about making music is that you can reduce it all down to one note if that note is played with the right kind of sincerity.

From the bottom of my heart, Mr. Eric Clapton–thank you for your brilliant, touching songs–and thank you for sharing your soul with us. Happy birthday, good sir.


  1. Great top five. I’m a huge Eric Clapton fan and have been for many decades. This is a lovely piece to honor a living legend. Your top two are my top two as well. Thank you for writing this and honoring an amazing musician!

  2. Tears in Heaven is my favorite song too. Never fails to move me to tears. Like Eric I lost my son at a young age too.

    Thank you for this wonderful tribute, Nicola. I had no idea for such a young woman you were an Eric Clapton fan, but it just proves his appeal transcends beyond age. He is truly a living legend and thank you for the gorgeous article that honors him greatly. He’s one of the best musicians of all time.

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