What’s in the Box? Marvel Collector Corps


What box is this?:

Marvel Collector Corp

Is there a theme?:

Yes. This month’s theme was Deadpool.


Deadpool Pin & BadgeItem:

Collectors Corp Pin & Patch

Estimated Value:

$8, here and here.

Would I personally buy this:

The pin, absolutely, the patch probably not. Patches just aren’t my thing.

Deadpool #1


Deadpool #1

Estimated Value:

$8.99, here.

Would I personally buy this:

The comic yes, although this variant cover wouldn’t be my first choice.


Deadpool MopeezItem:

Deadpool Mopeez

Estimated Value:

$12.99, here.

Would I personally buy this:

I like the plush line of Funko. The black Deadpool suit throws me off a bit, but only because that’s not the typical look.

Deadpool Cowboy Dorbz


Cowboy Deadpool Dorbz

Estimated Value:

$18.99, here.

Would I personally buy this:

Yes. It’s a perfect little adorable Deadpool.

Deadpool Pop!Item:

Deadpool Pop! Bobble-Head

Estimated Value:

$44.99, here.

Would I personally buy this:

Let’s be honest, I wouldn’t pay that much for it, but I love Pop! and this bobble-head is pretty cool.

Deadpool Tee


Deadpool T-Shirt

Estimated Value:

$15 for a different variant shirt here.

Would I personally buy this:

Probably not, but it’s a nice collectible.


Cost of the box:

$25 + Shipping

Total value of the box:

$110 approximately.

Did you get value for your money?:

I loved everything in this box. Deadpool is getting so popular lately, I love to see all these new products.

Would I personally buy this box again?:

As a collector, this box is my favorite thing to open. The only downfall for me is that it comes every other month. I do look forward to the next box, Civil War!

Where can I buy this box?:

Marvel Collector Corp Website

All photos were taken by me personally. If you use them please credit Talk Nerdy With Us.

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