Exclusive Interview with K.C. Undercover’s Veronica Dunne

MV5BMTQ2MjM0OTQyM15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwODk4MjY3NzE@._V1._SX424_SY500_This week Talk Nerdy With Us had the opportunity to talk with Veronica Dunne of Disney Channel’s hit comedy K.C. Undercover. While she is not new to the acting scene, with guest spots on According to Jim, Austin & Ally, The Suite Life on Deck, and Kickin’ It and spending time on the theater stage, Veronica gets her chance to shine as Marisa on K.C. Undercover. Veronica’s talent is obvious as she continually steals the show in many of her scenes and we wouldn’t be surprised if her’s is a name we hear in comedy for a long time. Below is our interview with her where you learn what makes K.C. Undercover the special show that it is, why Veroinca loves doing comedy, and why you should start watching this sitcom if you’re not already!

So, K.C. Undercover had great success with its first season and start of the second one. What do you think makes this show so special?

I think it’s the combination of everything it has. I think it has a really strong and powerful family story, it has some great action, and it’s also absolutely hilarious. So, it encompasses everything a person could want: an awesome family, cool spy effects, amazing story lines, as well as comedy and a cool friendship between K.C. and Marisa. So, I think it has a little bit of everything.

Speaking of that, actually. As you mentioned, it’s both action-heavy and comedy, which is kind of unusual for a television show, so what do you think the writers, cast, and rest of the crew has done to make this combination work so well?

Well, I think comedy is what they do best and they were just able to find a really great way to play up the comedy by making a teenage spy. I mean, there’s so many funny things you can do with that, especially with teenagers. They’re in high school, so you have boy drama then you also have to save the world. They kind of juxtapose each other I would say. Zendaya has done a really great job of creating this kind of everyday girl who can’t even talk to a boy but can save the world, which is funny in itself. The powerful female story is also a great thing. It’s really great that a sixteen-year-old girl can do something like that. I think it’s important for young girls to see that, you know.

I agree! So, what, then is your favorite part about playing Marisa?

You know, I think she brings a kind of lightness to the story. She’s such a sweet, caring friend, and also just this silly, goofy, adorable blonde who sometimes doesn’t make all the best decisions. She’s just a blast to play. The writers never cease to make me laugh out loud when reading my part. She’s great!

You have started to answer this next question, but you may have some more you want to add. What do you think, then- and you mentioned a lightness- but is there anything else that you think Marisa brings to the show that is different from the other characters?

I think it shows K.C.’s normal life I would say. Her high school life. I think it’s important to see how she handles growing up, going to dances, and passing classes and stuff like that. I think Marisa brings that high school life into the story and also brings a really nice friendship story between K.C. and Marisa. That’s another thing that I think is important for young girls to see. They have their problems and they have their trials and tribulations, but they overcome it and make up and they are always best friends in the end. I think they really really care about each other immensely in the story, so I think she adds the high school element and the friendship element too, which is kind of cool.

Yeah! Like, you said, really important for your viewers! What can viewers expect from season 2 that makes it different from season 1?

The beginning of season 2 they got to see the Coopers get back into the organization, which was interesting. They were kicked out and they had to try and get back, which they did. I think season 2 just has some really crazy action and stunts. We just shot a three-part episode that I can’t really talk about, but it was absolutely insane. I’ve never experienced anything like that and I don’t think Disney has ever done anything like what we just did, so I think the stunts are crazier and the story lines are crazier and everything is just brought up to another level, really. 

That is really exciting and I know your viewers are going to be excited to see that! I think it’s interesting that the show chose to let most people in on the secret within that first season, including Marisa. So, how do you think Marisa and K.C.’s relationship would be different if Marisa hadn’t found out that K.C. was a spy?

I think that they might not be friends. (laughs). I know it’s crazy to say. I mean, I think they would, because they love each other so much and Marisa cares about her so much, but I think it would be really hard, because K.C. was bailing on her constantly and she didn’t really have a good excuse. She would just continue to lie to her and it was really hard on their friendship. I think by her trusting Marisa and telling her it really saved their friendship, but even if she didn’t tell her I think they would still be friends, it would just be a lot more challenging.

You have probably heard this before, but you are a fantastic comedic actor and your acting as Marisa makes that very obvious. What is it about comedy that you enjoy so much?

I think in many ways comedy is more challenging than drama because you have to get a response out of someone. Making someone laugh isn’t always an easy task, but when you do, it is incredibly rewarding. I think making people laugh is truly the best feeling in the world, at least for me it is and being able to have kids laugh, even adults laugh, it warms my heart. It’s something…I don’t even know how to put words to it, I just enjoy it so much. I think it’s incredibly rewarding. 

That’s fun, I’m glad you get to do something you enjoy so much!

Yeah, thanks!

If you could play any other character on television today, what character would you want to play?

Oh my gosh, that is super hard. Well, I don’t know what character I would play, but I really want to be on Girls. Girls is my favorite TV show. I adore Lena Dunham. If I could go back in time, I’d love to be Lucy.

That makes sense, with how much you love comedy! That’s fun. 

Yeah, that would be fun. Not that I could ever come close to topping that performance, but I could at least try! (laughs).

One more question for you, just letting your fans get to know you a little bit better. When you’re not acting, what do you enjoy doing? How do you spend your time?

I love movies, I’m a huge movie buff! I’m kind of a homebody, actually. I love staying in and watching a good movie or Netflix and eating. I love food! I also really love going to the beach. I grew up in Malibu, so I love going to the beach and just swimming in the ocean for hours. And  I like to travel too and read books.


Be sure to check out Veronica on K.C. Undercover Sunday nights on Disney Channel!

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