Exclusive Interview with Michael Orlando of Vampires Everywhere


 Vampires Everywhere, originally started byMichael Vampire (Michael Orlando), have been around since 2009. Since then, they’ve released a number of EP’s and three albums, the latest one being Ritual. Read our interview below as we discuss Ritual, anime, and the crazy/supernatural things they’ve witnessed on tour.


You guys haven’t released anything since 2012, how is it getting new music out there again?

It’s amazing! It’s a great feeling to be back. I can’t believe it took so long, to be honest.

I really like your cover art for the new album, Ritual. How did you all come up with it?

I was doing a shoot to try and up my high fashion game. We got the proofs back and my manager Trav was like “We need this as the cover!” I agreed and thus it became Ritual. (laughs). I wanted to escape any scene stigma we had left and have something represent who I really am!

You’ve got quite a lot of tour dates coming up is there any place you are most excited about playing?

Yes, NYC is always my favorite city to play! There is something nostalgic about it. The city is so full of energy that it radiates into our live show!

What song off of Ritual really speaks to you? How so?

There are so many! This album represents the last two years of my life. However, Ghost Inside My Head is the most painful. To be honest, I don’t want to play it live anymore. It ruins my day. I wrote it about my breakup with my ex-fiancé, which happened simultaneously with my father’s death.

I saw on twitter that you had some supernatural stuff happen at a hotel, what other crazy things have happened on tour?

Things of this nature have been following me for years. I tend to push the limits and sometimes get stuck dealing with the repercussions. However, this one time in upstate NY we were about two miles from a Tom Thumb Grocery store. Out of the woods comes this girl covered head to toe in blood. She ran at the van screaming bloody murder. Keep in mind it was 4am in the middle of nowhere! The nearest grocery/gas stop was two miles away with nothing around it. We actually stopped the van and slid the window down a crack. She then said, “help! He’s chasing me”! Now you can blame me for what happens next but I said let’s get the fuck out of here. I mean c’mon there’s no way I’m letting this girl in the van. I’ve seen too many Texas Chainsaw movies! (laughs).

If Vampires Everywhere had a TV show, what do you think fans would be most surprised to find out about the band?

Well, currently the band is me (laughs). I think fans would figure out I am who I say I am. I live my life a certain way and hardly deviate. I think fans would be on the edge of their seats! Some would be disgusted being I’m a sex addict but I’m sure TMZ would be all over it!! I also love Phil Collins. Just saying. Not sorry.

What is one thing you would absolutely not leave for the tour without? 

Oh man, my Yeezy Boosts! Can’t leave LA without them! I mean C’mon. But also my facial products! I’m a lunatic with my facial care!

If Vampires Everywhere were a mixed drink, what would it consist of?

Whisky, bitters, orange and love!

Our name is Talk Nerdy With Us, so what do you “Nerd Out” about?

I am obsessed with anime! I mean the style! My favorite is the Black Butler! I love anime that deals with the occult or demons!

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