On The Voice: And Then There Were Four

The cuts were brutal tonight during the semi-final results show on The Voice. The top eight semi-finalists were narrowed to the top four finalists in pretty quick fashion. I don’t have much to say about the show tonight for once. I know, that might seem strange, but it pretty much went the way I expected it to with only a slight surprise at the end with Laith Al-Saadi getting the Twitter save from the East Coast and nabbing the final spot.

I should probably mention that new Voice coach for Season 11, Alicia Keys, performed tonight and I’m excited for what she and Miley Cyrus will bring to the show. Next fall might have some much-needed flavor and be a little more of a challenge for King Blake with these ladies in the house.

First to safety (were pretty easy to guess):

Adam Wakefield (Team Blake)
Alisan Porter (Team X-Tina)
Hannah Huston (Team Pharrell)

Bottom two:

Paxton Ingram
Shalyah Fearing

Singing for the final save tonight:

Mary Sarah (Team Blake)
Bryan Bautista (Team X-Tina)
Laith Al-Saadi (Team Adam)

Mary got the first spot (never a good omen) and to top it off, she unfortunately made a terrible choice for her swan song. She was always so great when she did the vintage country thing but for me, Mary and Carrie don’t mix. She chose Something in the Water by Carrie Underwood and it underwhelmed.

Bryan was up next and he slayed his rendition of Adorn by Miguel. He was vocally perfect tonight. Bryan is a current artist that I would have #VoiceSaved the crap out of if I was allowed to vote. Was that vulgar? Sorry, I thought Bryan deserved the save. He did everything right tonight.

Laith was lucky enough to land the coveted final spot in the Save round which generally means he’s the one they want to stay. I won’t discredit anything Laith did tonight because he killed All Along the Watchtower from the beginning to the end. The reason I gave my uncounted save votes to Bryan is because I feel like Laith relies too heavily on his guitar talent and this is a singing show.

In the end, the Twitter tallies seemed pretty one-sided with Laith likely pulling 50% of the votes on his own and earning the final spot in the finale. I’m not upset that he won but I would have liked to see Bryan and his soulful style in the mix. Hopefully, the Laith that we saw tonight shows up next week and not the Laith that sang Adele or…boring.

Next Monday the competition winds down with final performances and we’ll crown the season 10 winner on Tuesday, May 24th. Doesn’t it seem like months have passed since La’Porsha didn’t win Idol? If I’m being honest, anyone in this group is deserving at this point. I’m not even going to be mad, unless…nah. I’m all good.

Check back Thursday for interviews with Paxton, Mary, Shalyah, and Bryan.

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