The Division – Update 1.2



The Division – I spoke highly of this game on release and parts of me continue to do so.  The game is amazing.  There’s no doubt about it.  But Tom Clancy’s The Division by Ubisoft Massive just can’t seem to break away from all its various bugs, glitches and beyond. So far.  Now, an old issue has returned – players are experiencing character wipes again.

When Update 1.1 released and The Division saw a significant change in how it did things (along with the rather interesting Falcon Lost incursion), players were having this exact same problem.  Some had to start over.  Others managed to have their characters restored.  Now it’s happening again with Update 1.2 which has released an even bigger overhaul and another Incursion.  Daily Missions also appear to be on the fritz at the moment as well.  This is another issue that’s plagued the rocky pathways of The Division since the game’s inception (granted – Dailies weren’t added until Update 1.1.)

The Division was fun for me the first time through, but like games that have come before it’s been stumbling its way through the marathon.  Many touted it as a “Destiny killer” when it came out and while we knew that wouldn’t be the case given how different the two games are, it seems that The Division isn’t just stumbling through the marathon, but stumbling from one update to the next.

The fanbase is still strong with this game though.  Players continue to log on and slog their way through Daily Missions, Incursions, and the unknown dangers that lurk in the Dark Zone.  The Dark Zone itself has become both better and more dangerous as loot drops within have been improved while also adding an extra element of danger to them wherein rogue agents can now cut the extraction rope to drop all packages as a public drop. It seems they’ve also gotten PVE farming right with the new high-value targets missions.

How has your experience been since Update 1.2?  Let me know here or tell me more on Twitter @robert_beasley.

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