Shadowhunters: Meet The Writers’ Room

CjKJHDfUUAAbMb7.jpg-largeThe writing team for Freeform’s fantasy hit Shadowhunters returned to work just a few weeks ago in preparation for its sophomore season, and already they’re engaging with (read: teasing mercilessly) fans on Twitter about the future of the show while stubbornly refusing to give anything away. But if you are the part of the fandom that loyally follows the show across social media for the smallest hope of news or glimpses of the cast, then that’s really kind of the charm, isn’t it?

The Shadowhunters writing team is actively vocal and approachable on Twitter, allowing fans into the show’s greater circle, which is ultimately one of many reasons why Shadowhunters fans love it. It’s not that fans enjoy watching the dramatic unfolding of the relationships between the show’s beautiful, complex, supernatural beings (even though they do). It’s that these beautiful, complex, supernatural beings feel like friends, like people you could accompany on a demon-killing mission, then grab a cup of coffee with. The cast feels like that high school friend who became famous but still endearingly calls you by your nickname. McG feels like that allusive boyish uncle who pops up every now and then bearing strange and wonderful gifts. Ed Decter and the Shadowhunters writers’ room feel like family, and that cleverly constructed connection between production and fandom is a big part of why the show holds such a loyal, captivated audience.

For those looking to be part of the Shadowhunters family, look no further. Here are some quick, fun facts to introduce you to the show’s wonderful writing team, both established and new!

Ed Decter @EDecter

As Showrunner, Executive Producer and general champion of the series, Ed wrote the show’s pilot episode ‘The Mortal Cup’ and co-wrote it’s follow up, Clary’s tense journey to the City of Bones in ‘The Descent Into Hell Isn’t Easy’. But are you familiar with anything else he has written? Ed is responsible for penning 1998’s much-loved Ben Stiller/Cameron Diaz comedy film There’s Something About Mary with the Farrelly brothers and frequent writing collaborator John J. Strauss.

Michael Reisz @TheRealReisz

A devoted fan and self-proclaimed protector of the growing love between characters Alec Lightwood and Magnus Bane, Michael wrote the Magnus introductory hour ‘Raising Hell’ and the season’s penultimate episode ‘Malec’ in addition to serving as Executive Producer. Before Shadowhunters, however, Michael was an actor, one who played Billy Telfer, the ship’s hypochondriac biologist on Star Trek: Voyager. He has also worked as a voice actor for many years – six of which were spent voicing Matt Ishida and Takuya Kanbara on Digimon: Digital Monsters.

Jamie Gorenberg @JamGoren

New this season to the Shadowhunters writers’ room, Jamie is a television producer and writer perhaps most prominently known for her work on season four of ABC’s Desperate Housewives in addition to working as producer and writer on Good Morning, Miami, Dharma & Greg and Hart of Dixie. She is also a twin! A fraternal one at that, to her brother.

Hollie Overton @hollieoverton

Solely to blame for breaking up Jace and Alec’s two-man band in the show’s emotionally compromised hour ‘Rise Up’, Hollie also co-wrote the season’s second episode with Ed Decter and served as Executive Story Editor for ‘The Mortal Cup’, ‘Dead Man’s Party’ and ‘Malec’. Like Jamie, Hollie is a twin – an identical twin. She has recently written a novel involving identical twins, titled “Baby Doll”, due for physical release in the next few weeks. She also appeared in an episode of Leverage (Leverage! I loved Leverage!) in her one and only acting role before deciding writing was her gig.

Shireen Razack @YShireenWhyNot

Having penned ‘Of Men And Angels’ and being responsible for introducing us to the delight that was Nerd Isabelle and Assertive-Gay-Friend Alec in the alternate dimension funhouse that was ‘This World Inverted’, Shireen was also busy being a team player as Executive Story Editor for several episodes over the course of the season. Prior to Shadowhunters, she wrote episodes for shows such as Rizzoli & Isles, Haven and Trauma (Remember Trauma? I do, and I’m still bitter about its cancellation). It should also be known that you wouldn’t want to mess with her – she has the prowess of a Shadowhunter, holding a brown belt in San Soo Kung Fu. Yikes.

Peter Binswanger @TatoBins

Peter’s first ever produced episode of television came in the form of ‘Major Arcana’, in which our favorite Shadowhunters sassed their way into the NYPD in search of the Mortal Cup. His second main effort was the show’s whopping season finale ‘Morning Star’, where you may or may not have caught some Star Wars influence in the form of Jace’s Darth Maul-esque seraph blade. Pete has a lot of insight into what makes Ed Decter tick and considers him a mentor, which all comes down to having worked with him as an assistant for several years prior to being staffed on the show.

Allison Rymer @NoRymerReason

Allison worked as a Script Coordinator for shows such as How To Make It In America, Greek, So Random! and The Client List before jumping on to write the tear-jerker episode ‘Bad Blood’. While she worked on staff as a Script Coordinator last season, this year she was promoted to Staff Writer. This is probably terrible news for our emotional health – or good, if you’re the angst-loving, masochistic type (like me). But with an adorable fondness for flamingos and pink, just how bad can Allison be?

Zac Hug @zachug

Zac is one of the newest additions to the Shadowhunters writers’ room, having signed on for Team Nephilim in preparation for the show’s second season. Not just a dude with a lovable name, Zac wrote and starred in the web series These People. He worked with Academy Award winner Jim Rash, who co-wrote and joined the cast in season two. You can watch the show’s three seasons online at, and you can also follow on Twitter. Also, with a name like that, I may now have goals to meet Zac Hug purely so I can ask him for a ‘Zac-Hug’.

Taylor Mallory @TayMals

Taylor returns for another year as an Assistant to the writers’ room, but if you follow her on Twitter, you may have heard about her web series Sweet Nothings, an anti-rom-com about two best friends who are tired of bad dates and decide to pursue casual sex instead. Playing both writer and starring role, Taylor asked fellow Shadowhunters colleague Zac Hug for advice on how to make a web series the right way. Many Shadowhunters fans helped nudge production along by contributing to the Kickstarter campaign, and for this, she is eternally grateful. Interested? Have no fear. Sweet Nothings is due for release this fall.

Joey Elkins @joeyelkins

Joey Elkins is new to the fold this year as Script Coordinator, but he worked on Shadowhunters briefly during season one in lieu of Allison when she was busy getting married in Miami. He is also one hell of an illustrator. You can check out his work on his instagram above or through his website

Zoe Broad @ZOmygawd

Zoe is back again this year as Assistant to Ed Decter, and she’s still just as adorable as ever. But did you also know that she’s a total exercise nut? Zoe recently ran her first half marathon and she is currently training for next year’s massive LA marathon.

Joey Ernand

Joey is yet another new face to the writers’ room, stepping into the role of the team’s new Personal Assistant. Like Peter, Joey has prior ties to our one and only Ed Decter – Joey was once a student of Ed’s at the American Film Institute (AFI).


Do these folks sound like your brand of wonderful? Then follow the @ShadowhuntersWR account on Twitter! And while you’re at it, let them know whether you’re a Twizzlers fan or a Red Vines loyalist. (They seem to be having a bit of a #TeamTwizzler/#TeamRedVines Civil War right now). Enjoy!

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