Huntley Hotel Hosts Launch Party for New Friendship App GALPAL

On Thursday, July 28th, Huntley Hotel marked the official launch of the new friendship app GALPAL with an extravaganza attended by a multitude of celebrities, including Perez Hilton and Alessandra Torresani. The party featured a champagne lunch, cocktails, MAC makeovers, manicures by Merrick Fisher and more. Designed to bridge the gap between the LGBTQ and straight communities as well as foster friendships and acceptance independent of sexual orientation, GALPAL partnered their launch with Rest in Pride, an organization working to memorialize the Orlando victims through a video social campaign.

In creating this ground-breaking new app, GALPAL Founder Jasmine Sassounian proceeded with a clear mission statement in mind:

We need to celebrate the type of love that transcends sex and traditional romantic relationships. Whether it be between a straight woman and a gay man, straight man and a gay woman, or between individuals questioning their sexuality seeking platonic companionship, GALPAL seeks to create those meaningful connections by bringing people together who may not have otherwise had the opportunity to meet.

Inspired by the value of her own friendships with gay men, Sassounian decided to craft a way for others to find the same type of meaningful friendships. As she researched the subject more thoroughly, she was moved by the difficulties that youths and others struggling with their sexuality face, especially when they don’t have a supportive person with whom to talk and confide. From that was born GALPAL, which was created to provide a resource to those who may need support and advice as well as to connect individuals of any sexual orientation with their new best friend.

This potential to bridge the gap and create new relationships appealed to many people, including GALPAL Partner Ian Maxion. What drew me to GALPAL is the company’s objective to bridge the gap between the LGBT and the straight community,” Maxion stated. “It’s a safe and fun place for people to connect with the simple basis of being who you truly are.”

GALPAL is now available for free on iOS in the App Store.



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