Which Is Nerdier: Pokémon Edition

Unless you are living off the grid, and possibly under a rock, you have heard of the international phenomenon called Pokémon Go. Hordes of people, young and old, are dashing about with cell phones in hand trying to catch cute little imaginary creatures. But Pokémon is not a new concept. Pokémon was developed in 1995, by Satoshi Tajiri. The concept was based on Tajiri’s enjoyment of bug collecting as a child. It was originally developed as a videogame, with human trainers battling their Pokémon, but quickly grew into a manga (still ongoing) an anime (still going), trading card game (still going), and multiple video games, with two new ones, Sun and Moon out November 18th in America. There have also been multiple movies, numerous soundtracks and of course plushies of the adorable little creatures.

So, regarding Pokémon in general:

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