Cerina Vincent Talks Stuck In The Middle Season 2

Photo Credit: Disney Channel/Eric McCandless
Photo Credit: Disney Channel/Eric McCandless

In 1999, Cerina Vincent became a Power Ranger. As Maya, the Yellow Galaxy Ranger, Vincent spent years battling space villains. Now, she plays an entirely different kind of superhero: a mother of seven.

In playing Suzy Diaz on Disney Channel’s Stuck In The Middle, Vincent is actually fulfilling a childhood dream. “I always wanted seven kids, when I was a little girl, that was the number,” Vincent said. “So it does feel weird that I’m getting to do this, but in a different form.”

Being the head of the Diaz clan comes with plenty of adventures, a bit of stress, but also lots of love. As Vincent herself says, the TV family has become tightly knit, both on and off-screen.

Photo Credit: Disney Channel/Eric McCandless

During her visit to Chicago for Wizard World Comic Con, we talked to Vincent about season two of Stuck In The Middle and what the role means to her.

You guys just got renewed for a second season, what does that mean to you?

I am overwhelmed with gratitude. It’s really fun, like, I could cry. It’s one of the best roles I’ve ever done in my career. I’ve played a lot of different things, and now I’m really excited to dig into this kooky, comedy side of me that I’ve always had, but I haven’t really gotten to express. And the maternal side! So, I’m really excited.

What are you hoping for this season, now that you have the freedom to do a bit more?

Oh gosh, our writers are incredible. Every time I see them, they’re like “We have so many exciting things planned for you!” So I don’t even know what’s going to happen. We have an incredible team and I think now that the show’s established, maybe more one on one things with different kids. With a big family, the storylines are endless!

What’s different for you going in this second time, now that you have a full season under your belt?

I definitely feel like I know who Suzy Diaz is. I think it takes a couple of episodes or so for everything to come together. We really feel like a family, on and off set, and I think that comes through. I’m excited just to dig more into it!

I’ve heard that! I talked to Ronni Hawk earlier this year, and she said the same thing – that you guys are all close, and the kids are all close.

Yeah, they’re like real brothers and sisters! They bicker and fight, and tease each other, and they love each other. It’s really sweet.

Does it feel like they’re really your kids, a little bit?

I love them so much, like, it’s not right. (laughs). I always wanted seven kids, when I was a little girl, that was the number. So it does feel weird that I’m getting to do this, but in a different form. Yeah, I care about them all deeply.

What do you think makes this show so special to fans?

I think, in general, people like big family shows. Full House, Just The Ten Of Us… I think that works. And I think, this is a single camera show for Disney, and it’s more real than a lot of their shows. A lot of them are multi-cam. I think, with the big family, there’s someone for everyone to relate to. There’s a kid for everyone! It’s really relatable and it’s real. Joe Nieves plays my husband, and as the parents on the show, we’re doing our best to… We want to send a good message to every child out there through this show. I think it’s working!

Have you had any fans telling you how the show relates to their own stories?

Yeah, I have! I’ve really only heard really wonderful things, which makes me feel good. I’ve heard there are not so nice things out there, but I don’t read that stuff! Yesterday I was talking to the news anchor on WGN News and she was like “Wait, you’re the mom on Stuck In The Middle?!” She’s a mom and her daughter loves the show, and she got really excited. It’s a totally different kind of role for me in my career, and I love it!


The Stuck In The Middle cast officially returned to start work for season two on Aug. 15.

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