I Can’t Get Past Teen Wolf Season 5, Episode 1

Alright, alright. I hear you. Teen Wolf is not exactly the best TV show of all time. It doesn’t have the most amazing special effects. Its timeline makes no sense. It has some very serious issues when it comes to storylines the characters’ credibility, which the writers hoped the fans would happily overlook (hello Jeff Davis, I’m looking at you).

To be honest with you, I started watching the show because many of my friends at university said that most of the actors were real hot and, in the end, peer pressure took its toll on me and I gave in. That was when the second season was on. Then the third season rolled in and it wrecked me. Both parts of the season were unbelievably good for a TV show of the kind. However, it made me grow alarmingly emotionally invested in two things: my favorite ship and my favorite character (not giving names in case somebody’s currently watching the show or plans to do so in the future), both of which were taken away from me once the season was over.

The fourth season just didn’t do it for me. I watched it all out of loyalty (as I will probably watch the rest of season five at some point), but I just knew from the beginning that it wasn’t what I’d signed up for. I missed Allison. I missed Derek. I missed Isaac. I even missed the twins. I missed Lydia having someone else to interact with than Stiles’ dad and Parrish. Scott’s pack became ridiculous. I love Scott McCall to death (and Tyler Posey as well and I do think he’s great), but the fact that he was a True Alpha was laughable. Almost as much as Coyote Girl attending high school after spending ten years in the wild.

I started watching season five, again, out of loyalty. Actually, I have started that damn season four times now, but I can’t get past episode 1. Why? Because the show no longer has what pulled me in. Yes, it does still have a very good-looking cast, but it has become impossible to ignore the plotholes in the storylines and the changes it has suffered over the seasons.

  • Scott is not a believable leader. His behavior is admirable most of the time, but it just doesn’t cut it for a True Alpha. Nope.
  • Stiles is no longer the comic relief – in fact, he comes across as quite douche-y sometimes. I mean, it’s hard to believe that the Stiles we’d come to know and love would turn his back on his friend Lydia (when it was the only friend Lydia had after the finale of season three) and dedicate all of his time to his new-found love of his life.
  • What I loved about Teen Wolf back in the day was that the female characters were (accidentally, I believe) a lot more than just love interests. Allison and Lydia have always been incredibly badass on their own. Now Lydia barely gets any screen time and it really is a character that deserves better. And Malia and Kira? They’re potentially interesting characters, but I think it’s very sad how they mainly exist as the girlfriends that the heroes need.
  • Don’t even get me started on the new generation of werewolves and their sidekicks. Just give them their own spin-off already. I don’t care about the youngers and, judging by the ratings (less than 1 million per episode on season five), neither do your viewers.

As much as it pains me to say this about a show I’ve been so invested in, they should just cut it off and move on before they destroy it completely. I am excited to see how they decide to tie it all in in the future, though. As I said, I will be watching season five at some point soon and I will definitely be coming back for the sixth and final season – after all, I’ve spent many hours of my life watching and discussing this show. And who knows, maybe even I’ll be satisfied in the end. There have been talks about bringing Stiles and Lydia together again, which I am all about. Maybe Melissa and Sheriff Stilinski will finally end up together, turning Scott and Stiles into the brothers they’ve always been. I’m not going to lie, it would be nice to see Scott’s pack from season three reunited again, which is highly unlikely (but hey, we can always count on Daniel Sharman and Tyler Hoechlin, eh? That’d be a pleasant surprise). And last but most definitely not least, I would love to see Crystal Reed on the show again. A girl can dream, right?

What do you think? What’s your opinion on the newest seasons of Teen Wolf? Let me know via twitter at taniagatz or you can always leave a comment below!

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