The Pink Panther Returns via YouTube/YouTube Kids App

What’s up pussycat?  Well, it’s the return of the coolest cat to ever grace the airwaves.  MGM is bringing back the Pink Panther & Pals episodes of the 2010 series to YouTube and the YouTube Kids App marking the very first time this iconic character is available in digital streaming.  Parents and grandparents who were fans of the Pepto-Bismol colored detective in their youth can now share their favorite cartoon character with a new generation.

The timeless humor of the cotton candy colored panther continues to entertain and delight fans of all ages.  Of course, like many of his compatriots, this classy cat rose from the humblest of beginnings to become an international star!  In 1964, this pink-inked feline slinked onto the opening credits of Blake Edwards’ eponymously named film (starring the stellar Peter Sellers) and threatened to steal the entire show.

The cartoon featured animation that was sleek, sophisticated and witty; produced by Friz Freleng and David H. DePatie.  The animated bumbling pink detective was a stylish departure from its contemporaries—and proved to be an instant hit!  A subsequent short film, The Pink Phink, would go on to win an Oscar and spawn a celebrated series of six-minute cartoons featuring the sly cat.

From there, the cartoon cat made his leap to television (originally shown on the Cartoon Network) and he now enters the 21st century – streaming via the YouTube Kids App. There was a soft re-launch of the series with five sports-themed episodes on the YouTube Kids App earlier this month–Gold, Silver, Bronze, and PinkFind Your Own AntLife in the Pink LanePink on the Canvas, and Aard Fu with more episodes rolling out each week.

You can check out this cartoon classic by clicking the links highlighted in the paragraph above and subscribe to the YouTube channel here and check out the Pink one’s Facebook page. You’ll soon see that good comedy is timeless regardless of its color.

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