Exclusive Interview with Stitchers’ Ross Kurt Le

unnamedIn my many years of Fandom, very few casts have been as open and friendly as the Stitchers cast. They not only love their show, but they understand that their fans are the reason for it, and it’s incredibly refreshing to know that they don’t take any of their success for granted.

Ross Kurt Le is one of those incredible actors. Having been born and raised in Sydney, Australia, he studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Sydney. From that, he’s come on to the radar playing ‘Alex’ on Stitchers. But has also appeared in Castle and notes some of his future works below. From my personal experience through social media, Ross is engaging and enthusiastic about following his fans. He’s always kind and encouraging.

He’s gained a fan for life, through me.

He took some time out of his schedule to sit down and discuss Alex, his role on Stitchers. How his degree and previous professions helped him along the track of becoming an actor, and what’s shaping his future.

You play Alex on Stitchers, when you initially read the script, what did you think of the premise of Stitching?

“I thought it sounded really friggin cool! It sounded like it’d be a really interesting tool to bring justice to victims. It turns out; that’s pretty much what the team in the lab uses it for.”

What is Alex’s job in the Stitch Lab?

“Alex’s job in the lab is to monitor the brain of the victim. He makes sure it’s a stable environment for Kirsten to stitch into, ensures she has enough time before the memories deteriorate, and also communicates with Linus and Cameron any obstacles during the stitch. It’s all very hush-hush… don’t tell anyone I told you.”

You have a degree in Chemical Engineering! Did that help you when it came to understanding the Stitching lingo and processes?

“Oh God no. I don’t think they’re super similar… perhaps if it were Biological Engineering? I will say, though, the stuff I learned from Chemical Engineering did help in the appreciating how complicated the process of stitching would be. I suppose in a way; that also helped me shape Alex as a character. I mean this guys an expert, he’s got to know what he’s doing if he’s running the corpse cassette right?”

What drew you to a career in acting?

“I was studying Chemical Engineering in University. It was a nightmare; there were lab assignments, prac exams, advanced levels of chemistry and math exams, and presentations, everything! I struggled with a lot of it, but one thing I always scored well in was the presentations. For some reason, I felt comfortable getting up in front of people and talking; this leads a professor to tell me “You didn’t do your homework, but you sure know how to put on a show… have you ever considered becoming an actor?
I thought about it for a week. Maybe he was joking, but that professor made me ask a question I’d never considered before. Perhaps because it seemed too crazy. When it came down to it, I realized the only reason I’d never thought about it, was fear. I just knew from then that I had to do it.

You have to go after the things in life that scare you; it’s the only way to find out the truth about yourself.”

Fans have been fighting hard for a season 3 of Stitchers. Anything you’d like to say to them?

“I have to say they’ve been tremendous. Before this, I’d never seen first hand how much impact they could have in a show. It’s incredible, they’ve had petitions out, and they’ve been tweeting and Instagramming like crazy! They’re one of the best parts of this entire experience for me. It’s been a pleasure having them reach out, and to reply to them. If season 3 comes about, you can bet your life it’ll have been because they’ve been so passionate, and driven.”

If there is a season 3, what would you like to see out of Alex’s character?

“If we get season 3, I’d love to see his relationships with Cameron and Linus expanded upon… these guys have been working closely in what’s supposed to be one of the most advanced laboratories in the world, and constantly under pressure. There could totally be some in-depth stitching episodes that I think the fans would love. Details, details, details! I’d also like to see a smile or two out of Alex… He’s always so serious. Sheesh.”

Since our site is called Talk Nerdy With Us, what do you like getting nerdy about?

“I’ve always been a huge astronomy nerd. I’ve always like the exploration of the universe, the planets, the stars, everything. I think the whole scale of the universe is fascinating. And I could watch astronomy documentaries all day… Good Lord how embarrassing…”

Do you have any upcoming projects that we can watch out for?

“I do actually! I’m going to be appearing in Season 3 of Transparent on Amazon Prime. It’s released on the 23rd of September… Keep an eye out for me. It’s not Alex from Stitchers; that’s for sure!”


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