TNWU Weekly Superlatives (September 11th-24th)

Hello there, wonderful nerds! After several long weeks spent watching re-runs of episodes that we have seen time and time again, craving the sweet release of something new to watch, fall TV has finally made its return, and we couldn’t be any happier.  So, without further ado, here are the Superlatives:


Most Badass Character: Lethal Weapon



Crazy with grief over the loss of his wife and unborn child, Riggs does incredibly wild and unpredictable things.  He rides on the hood of a car during an insane car chase going the wrong way during the Grand Prix, he walks into a bank robbery in progress as a pizza delivery guy, and has one of the robbers put a gun to his head.  He has nerves of steel and is fearless.  (But behind it all is a heart of gold.)

(Contributed by Arlene Allen)

Biggest Jerk: Fear The Walking Dead

ilene Stowe


Well, things were going well in the hotel until Ilene had to ruin it.  She is angry that her infected daughter, Jessica, is now officially dead, and she places blame on Strand.  She decides that it is best to get her revenge and ends up stabbing Strand, and with no medicine, his life is left hanging in the balance.

Most Swoon-Worthy Scene: Scream Queens

John Stamos in the shower


Chanel walks into the locker room at the hospital only to discover Dr. Bolt in the shower.  Oh yeah, John Stamos still has it.

(Contributed by Arlene Allen)

Biggest OTP Moment: Chicago P.D.



This week’s episode of NBC’s Chicago P.D. showed Linstead taking a big step in their relationship: moving in together.  “I feel a little handcuffed here because I want to be there for you, but I don’t know what you’re going through,” a concerned Jay tells Erin, showing her that he wants to be there for her through everything that she is going through.  After she tells him the truth about what Commander Crawley wants her to do, Jay begs her not to let Voight drag her down with him – and then proceeds to ask her to move in with him.  “Cases come and go, bosses come and go, jobs come and go.  I don’t want you to come and go.”  Cue my heart melting into a million pieces.

(Contributed by Bryna Kramer)

Most Heartbreaking Moment: Fear The Walking Dead

“I’m here.  Why isn’t that enough?” – Alicia to Madison


There are a lot of heartbreaking moments on TV, especially on a show that deals with constant death, but nothing was more heartbreaking than the moment that Madison and Alicia shared at the end of “Pillar of Salt.”  Alicia has always been alone, she has raised herself and has grown up in the shadow of her brother’s drug addiction, and she is hopeful that now, in the absence of Nick, she will finally get the attention from her mother that has been absent her entire life.  This hope is shattered, however, when Madison yet again chooses Nick over Alicia, and it leads to a poignant and devastating scene between mother and daughter.

Most Heartwarming Moment: This is us

Jack’s Delivery Room Speech

This Is Us - Season Pilot

Of the countless beautiful moments in the series premiere of NBC’s This Is Us, Milo Ventimiglia’s monolog in the delivery room was one of the most heart-melting moments, in the best way.  As Jack and Rebecca were about to bring triplets into the world, a risky pregnancy, the folksy Dr. K wanted to have a realistic talk. Jack wasn’t having it.  This is where viewers (and Rebecca) fell even more in love with him.  Only good things were going to happen, Jack promised.  “I don’t want you to just believe it; I want you to KNOW it.”  Well, now we KNOW Milo Ventimiglia is the best at motivational speeches.

(Contributed by Danielle Ortiz)

Funniest Scene: The Good Place

Ted Danson Kicking A Dog

The Good Place - Season 1

Typically, I’m not one for any scenes depicting ANY kind of horrible acts towards dogs.  And yet many audiences, myself included, were legitimately laughing out loud when Ted Danson kicked a dog into the sun.  Poor Michael thought it was the glitch causing chaos in the neighborhood.  It was so unexpected, but still done (mostly) tastefully, that it actually became an endearing moment for him.

(Contributed by Danielle Ortiz)

Best Action Scene: MacGyver

MacGyver leaping onto the back of an Airplane


There was a lot of incredible action this past week, but nothing topped MacGyver running, leaping and catching onto the back of a plane to catch the bad guys from getting away with a bioweapon.

(Contributed by Arlene Allen)

Best Plot-twist: This Is Us

Finding out the main characters are all siblings

This Is Us - Season Pilot

In the pilot of This Is Us, we were hit with a game-changing twist towards the end of the episode.  We find out that Kevin, Kate, and Randall are all siblings, and their parents are Jack and Rebecca.  The show had been going back and forth from 1979 to present day.  Who knew they were all a family?!

(Contributed by Shadia Omer)

Most Suspenseful: The Exorcist

All of The Exorcist


The Exorcist was a wonderfully creepy slow build teasing you along with its twists and turns, so that when the climactic ending occurs you just jump right out of your skin.  As Tubular Bells starts to play, you know you won’t be getting any sleep tonight.

(Contributed by Arlene Allen)

Most Terrifying Scene: American Horror Story

Puritan Pig Roast


Actually, there were many terrifying scenes in this week’s episode, but the one that got under my skin was the scene in which Kathy Bates and her fellow Puritans put a pig’s head on a man, tie him to a spit and slow roast him over a fire.

(Contributed by Arlene Allen)

Performer of the Week: The Exorcist

Alfonso Herrera as Father Tomas Ortega


There were so many great performances this week; it was difficult to choose.  But Alfonso Herrera was absolutely amazing as a troubled young priest who slowly comes to discover there are genuinely evil things happening all around him.

(Contributed by Arlene Allen)

That’s it for this week!  Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments and let us know if we missed anything or if there are any categories you would like us to add!  We will see you next week with more Talk Nerdy With Us Weekly TV Superlative Awards!

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