5 Hook Scenes That Bring Out My (Inner) Fangirl

If you’re like me and feeling down after Sunday’s episode of Once Upon a Time, this article is meant to cheer you up a bit! Now, Captain Hook is my absolute favorite character on the show. Even when he was a villain, I was drawn to his character. (His accent and looks were just perks, but that’s not why I liked his character). Since his character was introduced in Season 2, Hook has had some great scenes. Whether they be funny, evil or just plain sweet, Hook manages to bring out my fangirl side in full force. Here are my top 5 Hook scenes in each season:

Season 2: Battle at Lake Nostos Image result for hook and emma sword fight

I loved this scene! You probably thought I would be talking about the beanstalk scene, but this one really made me love Hook. It’s hilarious, and his innuendos just made me laugh so hard. Although, I have to admit when I did my rewatch over the summer, I nearly spit out my coffee at his lines because the first time I watched, it went over my head. For example, the quote above. And let’s not forget when he said, “when I jab you with my sword you’ll feel it.” Emma’s eyebrows shot up in shock just as mine did. We also got to see his raw pirate side which I always enjoy.


Season 3: Hook takes on New York CityImage result for they force fed me bologna captain hook gifs

‘New York City Serenade’ has to be my favorite episode of the whole series. The dialogue is gold. Hook’s scenes specifically were just fantastic. I loved that Hook took the initiative to go into NYC to find Emma. Keep in mind; the man is a pirate who doesn’t know much about the modern world. It was hysterical when he wound up everywhere Emma was in the city. There are so many scenes within this episode that were hilarious. It’s hard to choose between him crashing Emma’s date, acting offended when Henry criticized his outfit, or when he was bailed out of NYC’s jail complaining about being “force-fed something called bologna.” I don’t blame him, though; bologna is gross. Hook always provides comedic relief during distressed times, and it’s one of the reasons why I love his character.


Season 4: Hook tries to use a cell phoneImage result for hooks using a cell phone gifs

When it comes to modern day things, Hook is a bit clueless. Especially when it comes to using a cell phone. (It must be hard only having one hand when using a cell phone…) In the scene where he tried to call Emma when with Elsa, Hook struggles to use the phone. He also struggles at trying to explain to Elsa what a cell phone is. As he so adequately explains, “I don’t bloody know. I press the Emma button, and she answers. Usually.” Thankfully he seems to be a master with the “talking phone” now.


Season 5: Dark Hook

Image result for dark hook gifs

I meant to write this post as an angst-free zone, but whoops. I am obsessed with Dark Hook which is weird because he was completely murderous. But he looked super hot so…That’s all I have to say. I know, very insightful. But Hook’s sassy glances and words towards Rumple were the best things ever. He was such a drama queen as the Dark One.


Season 6: Hook entertains Cinderella’s daughterImage result for hook 'the other shoe' gifs

OMG. How cute was this scene? Cute, very cute. In this scene, you know that Hook has changed. The fearsome pirate we met back in Season 2 became nervous around a toddler. Out of all the people Ashley could have trusted with her daughter, she trusted the man with a hook. Then Hook put whipped cream on his nose. Yes, Captain Hook put whipped cream on his nose to entertain a little girl. I’m still not over it. Also, let’s talk about the way Emma looked at him when he did this. This scene just made my year. Okay, that’s a bit dramatic, but still, it was adorable.


I could have gone on and on with more moments, but I think this will suffice. If anything, it gave me a reason to look up gifs of Colin O’Donoghue which is always fun to do. Hook is the main reason why I tune in every Sunday. Of course, there’re other aspects of the show, but Hook is an important one! A very attractive aspect.

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