5 Things to Look Forward to In Chicago Fire’s Season 5 Premiere

Ahh, Fall. Cooler temperatures, pumpkin flavored everything and- wait- has anyone heard from Kelly and Stella? Are they still trapped in that apartment? With Stella’s knife-wielding ex-husband, Grant?!

Chicago Fire is back for its fifth season and fans are eagerly awaiting the answers to season four’s biggest questions. Are Dawsey happy? Are Severide and Kidd okay? What will happen with Borelli and Boden?

The countdown clock is down to mere hours, but your fellow Chicago lovers at TNWU want to make sure you are adequately prepared for a rather eventful hour of television. Here are some things to look forward to in tonight’s season five premiere:

Dawson, Casey, and Louie

The newly minted Dawsey family is just shy of perfectly <insert title of Pharrell Williams song that indicates a positive emotion here> when 5×01 begins. I don’t want to say the “h” word out of fear that things will come crashing down as soon as I do, but things are good. Louie is as adorable as ever; Casey is fully committed, and motherhood has put a permanent smile on Gabby’s face.

But don’t be mistaken. “Just shy of” perfectly you-know-what means they’re not there just yet. For every moment that makes you “aww,” and trust me, there are a lot; there is a moment that will make you “ugh.” But that’s life, isn’t it? No matter how good things are, there’s always room for improvement. Despite the “ugh” moments, though, Dawsey look to be off to a very good start to the season.

Oh, and there’s a nod to Shay, so start mentally preparing now.

Stella and Severide

A new object of Severide’s affection presents itself in the second half of the episode, but I won’t say much more other than it involves Chicago P.D.’s Burgess, her new partner, Tay, and an electric pole. Now, onto the knife-wielding elephant in the room.

The best thing about a season premiere is that it always resolves the cliffhanger left over from the previous season’s finale.*

*Except this time.

However you think Grant lurking in Stella’s apartment was going to resolve itself, it doesn’t. In fact, it leads to something so crazy and so shocking that it is going to set Twitter on fire. Yes, that pun was intended.

Borelli versus Boden

Remember the good ole days of season four- when sweet, innocent little Jimmy Borelli was dropped at Firehouse 51 in his underwear? Well, that kid is gone. LONG gone.

Emotions following his brother’s death are still running high, so Chief Boden, unfortunately, begins the season with a target on his back. Borelli wastes no time stepping up to him, and it’s uncomfortable to watch because he goes about it all wrong. Firehouse 51- okay, really, just Severide- does Firehouse 51 things and tries to help, but Borelli spends the season premiere chock full of smartass remarks and pushes everyone away. Previous seasons have shown that messing with Boden never ends well, meaning that Borelli’s days at 51 might be numbered.

That subplot

A common trait among shows getting “up there” in seasons is the tendency to have a little fun with storylines and dialogue. Supernatural had Sam and Dean stumble upon a play about their lives in season ten, One Tree Hill took multiple digs at The CW starting in season six, and who could forget Grey’s Anatomy’s musical episode in season seven? The subplot presented in Tuesday’s premiere will have you rolling- while also wondering just how much attention the writers pay to the internet.


The long awaited meet-cute between Sylvie Brett and Chicago P.D.’s (for now) Antonio Dawson finally happens, but it’s, unfortunately, more awkward than cute. Antonio watches Sylvie work during a call- a little creepily, I might add- then later puts his lack of game on full display at Molly’s. The moment induces such a cringe out of Gabby that it’s going to make you nod and say “same, girl. Same.”



Chicago Fire airs every Tuesday night at 10/9c on NBC.

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