Roundtable Discussion on Once Upon A Time 6×01 “The Savior”

COLIN O'DONOGHUE, HANK HARRIS, JENNIFER MORRISON, JOSH DALLAS, LANA PARRILLA, JARED S. GILMORELast Sunday Once Upon A Time finally graced us with its Season 6 return. With Aladdin and Jafar (and hopefully) Jasmine coming into Storybrooke, my fellow Talk Nerdy With Us writers, Arlene, Madeline, and myself discussed what we thought about the premiere, who we believe is under that mysterious dark cloak, and what the Evil Queen will have in store for Storybrooke.

What did you think of the first episode of Season 6?

Madeline: Umm…amazing! Now that is how you start off a season. It had everything I wanted from a season opener: romance, fights, heart to hearts, a brooding Hook (swoon) and Emma being her bad ass self.

Arlene: I loved it! I think I caught myself teary-eyed more than once.  It was also a nice set up for the season…a lot of tantalizing what if’s!

Alexis: It was a good series opener. I thought Season Five’s premiere was fantastic, but it was nice to be in Storybrooke again and not to be traveling to another land. I’d like them to stay put for a while because I’m ready for some small town episodes (even though I know it will be filled with drama). Loved what we got and am looking forward to the season.


What was your reaction to seeing Aladdin and Jafar?

Madeline: Jafar has to be one of the shadiest Disney villains ever, so I was excited to see his entrance. We didn’t see much of Aladdin, but I am sure with whatever they have planned that it will be great. I mean it is Aladdin.

Arlene: About Aladdin…I’m not sure yet. I’ve seen the character in previews, but not sure where they are going with him. As for Jafar, I LOVE Oded Fahr anyway, so I’m super excited to see what he could do.  He’s got to be tremendously BAD to take down a savior, as implied, something that Evil Regina, Zelena, the Snow Queen or Hades have not been able to do.

Alexis: To be able to finally see Aladdin and Co. on Once is incredible because it is something that I have wanted for years!! Jafar is so much like his movie persona so I hope we see more of him. Aladdin’s backstory is going to be interesting because he is also a Savior, so it leaves the question of how he even became one? Plus I need Jasmine and Aladdin on a flying carpet, if that happens for just one moment, I’ll be happy.

The fight that Regina and Zelena had was brutal, but honest. Do you agree with what they both had to say?

Madeline: I do! I have an older sister, and we’ve had our fair of spats, so I can relate. Regina had every right to be annoyed at Zelena; she just lost Robin and Zelena lost the last remnant of him. However, Zelena is dealing with a newborn and her new change of heart. Family drama that’s for sure!

Arlene: I think both had grounds, but I’m siding a little more with Regina. I know Zelena is new to being good, but bringing up Robin’s arrow feather then telling Regina she lost it was completely insensitive.  I also think Zelena is wrong in saying that the only thing she and Regina had in common were their evil bits.

Alexis: I totally sided with Regina on this one because I too would be pissed off if someone had lost something that was dear to me, especially from a loved one. I understand Zelena didn’t do it on purpose so it’s not putting blame on anyone. I just think that these sisters need to have a long chat with each other because I think there is still so much that neither of them knows about the other.

Which Untold Story are you hoping to see in Storybrooke?

Madeline: I’m going to be basic and say Jasmine and Aladdin.

Arlene: I would have loved to have seen Rapunzel and Flynn Rider, especially Flynn! If we were talking classics, a little Ivanhoe would be nice. It would be cool to see their take on Dracula. Oooh, how about Phantom of the Opera? Add a little music to the mix.

Alexis: I don’t think it’s going to happen, but I would like to see Tarzan and Jane. Or it would be cool if you had all the designs of characters that Disney had started to create but then had to be left out. That would be an Untold Story.

Do you think Hook and Emma will ever get time to be alone truly?

Madeline: I can’t emphasis enough how much I actually hate that blimp. Eventually, maybe someday down the future when Storybrooke is not under siege by random Untold Story characters, they will have some alone time. For my sanity, I need them to have some alone time and soon because that couch scene was just too perfect.

Arlene: I am seriously beginning to doubt it.

Alexis: They most defiantly need some time alone especially after going to hell and back!! It seems that when you are the main hero in Storybrooke, you can’t find any time for yourself. The intro scene with them in their house was fantastic, and they just deserve that time alone and a 2-year vacation.

Jafar and Hyde made it very clear that Saviors don’t get happy endings. Do you think that there is more to the mythology that they are not telling us?

Madeline: I believe that they’re both bluffing. They’re both hungry for power and strength that they both know Emma has. I believe that there is a way to flip that fate and they are keeping that to themselves. But come on, its Emma freaking Swan we’re talking about here.

Arlene: Of course they’re not telling us everything they know. It’s never in the villains’ best interests to tell the whole truth. Plus, I’d hate to see how many TV sets would get smashed if anything really did happen to Emma (laughs).

Alexis: I know that Hyde knows more than he is letting on but the question is how would he know if he had been part of Jekyll. Are Jekyll and Hyde both in on the Savior secret? Jafar is looking for power and I believe that he is setting out to be the most powerful sorcerer just like in the movie so he may need the Savior’s magic to do that.

Why do you think Emma lied to Hook and her family about her problem? Does this mean her walls are back up? Or do you think she just wants to solve the problem on her own?

Madeline: This makes me all kinds of emotional. To me, I feel like it’s a step back from the Emma we have come to known. In season 1, she was closed off to emotions. As the seasons progressed, we see her walls being brought down by her family and Hook. I think she is lying to protect them. My assumption is that she’s hiding it from Hook because he told her that she’s his happy ending. She doesn’t want to break it to him that she’s to die, and his happy ending will die with her. I understand why she’s doing it, but I think it would be best for her to go to those who love and support her. And for goodness sake, don’t lie to your true love’s face. Poor Hook; he just wants to help!

Arlene: I think she believes she’s protecting them.

Alexis: I mean we know Emma has her walls up when it comes to situations that she believes she can handle herself. I am not happy with Emma’s choice to leave her family and Hook out of it because just last season we saw how Emma keeping the truth from everyone affected both her family and Hook. Even though now the situation is about her I think that Emma has that stability and love that she can rely on especially if things get hard. Hook and Emma are confirmed True Love so I would like them to have an honest relationship. I’d like them to be able to talk these things through especially if one of them might be in danger. Hook and her family only want to help and I hope Emma will let them because they are stronger as team. I think that they have proven that in past seasons.


How awesome was it to see Archie and Pongo again?

Madeline: “Not that I’m anti-cricket.” Honestly, I was more excited to see Pongo because I am such a dog girl (Laughs). Although, I enjoyed that Archie is back to help Emma overcome her stress (and secret) that comes with being the Savior.

Arlene: It was nice to see them back.

Alexis: Pongo is a story that I think needs to be told because he has 101 kids, but we never see them! Give me more Pongo! Archie will definitely be a big factor in helping Emma overcome her anxieties.

Do you trust the Oracle? Or do you think she has her own agenda?

Madeline: The Oracle is totally Jafar. The little hints that they were dropping during that scene just screams, “I’m totally not some girl; I am Jafar.” The red bird: Iago. The serpent the girl used: same one Jafar used in the movie. That’s my speculation. But I may be blowing this into something that it’s not.

Arlene: I agree with Madeline! She’s not telling the whole truth either. Did you notice her staff? It was in the shadows, but there were two glowing eyes, that could be the eyes of Jafar’s cobra staff.  Plus there’s Iago. What’s he doing with her?

Alexis: The Oracle seems to be the same girl that we saw in the opening scene, but it could most definitely be a trick. Whether Jafar is pulling the strings to get into Emma’s head or if the Oracle is indeed telling the truth….we’ll have to wait and see.


Who do you think is under that cloak in Emma’s vision?

Madeline: It’s Emma. Well her past self. Past Emma Swan is her true enemy, I believe.

Arlene: I can’t even begin to guess.

Alexis: Yes, Madeline! I think it’s Emma battling herself. Maybe the prophecy is telling the truth about the end of the Saviors or that Emma is going to have to choose between her Savior self or herself as Emma Swan.

What did you think of Rumple trying to re-create the time he and Belle first met?

Madeline: Please don’t throw garbage at me Rumbelle shippers, but I am so done with Rumple. While, yes, it was sweet and I loved the instrumental piece of ‘Tale as Old as Time,’ I think Belle deserves better.

Arlene: I thought it was a terribly heartfelt, emotional, romantic gesture on Rumple’s part. But I also strongly suspected it was going to fail in some way.

Alexis: While I thought the instrumental was beautiful, I think Rumple really needs a reality check. If he wants to be able to have a life with Belle and their child he needs to be able to realize that power is not everything. He’s still obsessed with his power and his idea that he can “have it all.”  I think this season something has to give and that might mean Rumple is going to have to make a definite choice between power and family. I thought Belle really held her own in this episode and I am glad she is taking herself out of the equation to focus on her child and herself.

How did you feel about “Morpheus” being Rumple and Belle’s son? What kind of precautions do you think Belle will take to protect him?

Madeline: Can I just start by saying the fandom called this back when they introduced his character? While I already had the feeling that he was their son, watching it made my jaw drop to the floor. It was super random. Belle leaving Rumple would be the best precaution, but who knows how long that will last?

Arlene: That was the part of the episode that had me crying on the floor. I didn’t see that coming at all. As a mother, I can tell you what kind of precautions Belle will take…up to just about murder. Remember, Rumple killed first to protect his son. He dumped his first wife’s (Milah) spirit into the River of Lost Souls to protect his unborn baby. It’s not going to be good for Rumple whatever it is…unless…she does try to kill him, and he calls her on it. Then they would share a common bond.

Alexis: I was shocked but knew the fandom is pretty good at guessing these types of roles. Even if it was a long shot, I think it helped that we saw what could potentially be Rumple and Belle’s future if he were to choose his power again. I think Belle is going to do whatever it takes to protect their baby. Even though Rumple will too I don’t think Belle would want that at the moment.

Regina and Snow had a heart to heart at the end of the episode. What did you think of Regina and Snow at this point in the series compared to Season 1?

Madeline: Well, I’m glad they finally buried that hatchet. However, Regina repeatedly tried to murder Snow, so it’s hard for me to jump on that ship. Then again, this show is all about redemption…

Arlene: They’ve definitely come a long way. Good Regina certainly understands she couldn’t blame a child, and how manipulative it was. It also depends on what Evil Regina does to see if their relationship holds up.

Alexis: I’m glad that Snow and Regina are having this development after spending so much time in a place where they got along but didn’t really understand each other. Now I think that they are in a place where they know each other’s struggles and have forgiven each other. Even though I think Regina has done far worse things to Snow, it seems that they have made amends and want to start fresh which may benefit them later. However, it could also have some repercussions.


Zelena finally meets the Evil Queen. Do you think Evil and Wicked are going to join forces? 

Madeline: I do hope so! I am a fan of wicked Zelena. The Evil Queen is insane, and Zelena is borderline crazy, so I think it will make for some good TV. Let the madness ensue, Once.

Arlene: I certainly do think so; actually I’m hoping so. It will add to the fun.

Alexis: I think they are going to be the duo that Zelena wished she could’ve been with Regina. She did say that Regina ripping out the Evil Queen side of her made Zelena feel that she ripped out a piece that was just like her. So I think that Zelena will find solace in the Evil Queen especially after Zelena and Regina’s fight.


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