Roundtable Discussion on Once Upon A Time 6×02 “A Bitter Draught”

JARED GILMOREThis week’s Once was on the slow side, but me and my fellow Talk Nerdy With Us writers Arlene and Madeline discussed what we thought about The Count of Monte Cristo, Regina and the Evil Queen meeting once again, and if Charming’s father is an untold story?

What were your overall thoughts on this episode?

 Madeline: I was not a fan of this episode. Overall, it was boring. There were some good moments, but they were really brief. I’m just not buying this new Regina thing.

 Arlene: The jury is still out on this one. In some ways, it feels like they are going backwards, not forwards.

Alexis: I thought the episode was pretty weak in terms of the development of the plot, but I’m glad we are getting glimpses of what we are going to get with the untold stories.




What did you think of The Count of Monte Cristo? Did you want to see more of him or was one episode enough?

 Madeline: He was okay as a one-time character. I thought he was killed off rather early, though.

 Arlene: I would have liked to see more of him.  He had a grand entrance – but such a mild exit.

Alexis: I thought it was unfortunate that he had to go the way he did. His story was still untold and the fact that it had such an untimely end makes me wish we saw more of him.


Emma’s therapy session with Archie was a bit tense at first. Do you think that these sessions are good for her? Should she stop hiding and just tell her family about her visions?  

Madeline: I believe that these sessions are good for her. She’s been through a lot and like she said, it wouldn’t be the worst idea for her to talk about it. I really, really think that she needs to tell her family about the visions. Even if she just tells them that they’re visions and not her fate.

Arlene: Yes, I think the sessions are good for her.  But I do think she needs to tell her family. She will end up doing more harm than good by not telling.

Alexis: I think everyone in Storybrooke is in need of some therapy. I love that Emma is confessing all of her thoughts to someone who is not her parents because Emma is right, if she told her parents then they would try to be optimistic and heroic. With Archie, I think he is listening and giving friendly advice. Now that doesn’t mean I don’t think Emma shouldn’t tell her family; I just hope they find out from her and not from another source.


Hook is letting Belle stay on the Jolly Roger while she hides from Gold. What did you think of their conversation and how far they have come since they first met? 

Madeline: I love this unlikely friendship! Obviously, Hook has tried to kill Belle a couple of times, but that was when he was still a villain. I like how Belle has forgiven him for it. It broke my heart when he told her that he hasn’t quite forgiven himself yet. Poor Hook.

Arlene: I’m almost worried that if Emma doesn’t open up soon, Hook will end up opening up to Belle, and that is NOT good.

Alexis: The friendship I never saw coming but really don’t mind. I’m glad Hook is acknowledging his past sins especially when it comes to Belle because he was at his low point in his revenge plot and Belle suffered the repercussions of it. The fact that Hook is saying that with all the forgiveness he has received he still hasn’t forgiven himself means that he still has regret and wants to acknowledge his mistakes and I’m happy that Belle has recognized that.



The Evil Queen claims that Regina is going to take away everyone’s happy endings. Is this just a way to get under Regina’s skin? Or is Regina going to realize that she can’t run away from her dark side? 

Madeline: Regina cannot run from her dark side. I always thought it was weird how they split the Evil Queen and Regina because to me, they aren’t separate entities. Regina made her darkness; it wasn’t a curse. Overall, I think Regina is going to realize that evil is just a part of who she is. That doesn’t mean she can’t find a way to be good too.

Arlene: I think Regina will have to embrace her dark side. I think the only way she, or anyone else in Storybrooke, can have their happy ending is if they embrace all of themselves.

Alexis: Exactly. Regina and the Evil Queen are one and the same. The only way Regina can admit that to herself is seeing her darker self act they way she did when she had the word “evil” in her name. I think that the reveal of Regina taking away everyone’s happy endings will maker her accept that evil is a part of her.


Charming got an unexpected visit from the Evil Queen about his father and said that his death wasn’t an accident. Do you have any theories on what happened? 

Madeline: Me thinks it’s got to do with Hook. In press releases, it said Hook and Charming were going to have a form of tension this season. This could be a plausible reason as to why…

Arlene: Regina or Rumple killed him, but to what purpose, I’m not sure yet.

Alexis: I just wonder if he really is dead. I’m guessing he is but is his story untold? How would David be able to figure out what really happened?



Lastly, what was your favorite scene in the episode? 

Madeline: I thoroughly enjoyed when Henry was talking about movies and Hook was so confused. His face was priceless, and Charming was just so done with him. I agree with Henry; Hook is in need of a movie night!

Arlene: Hook and Belle’s conversation.

Alexis: Yes, Madeline! Movie night definitely!! I loved Hook’s confused look about the various movie sequels, and I hope that we can get a movie night scene someday. Plus the boys hanging out together is great because as much as the women shine in this series, it’s great to give the guys some love too.



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