Super Crossovers

With the move of Supergirl from CBS to The CW, four DC Comics television series have their home on the same network. There’s a lot of advantages for this, but one of the fan favorites will be the crossovers. In the past, there have been major crossovers between The Flash and Arrow, with characters from each of these shows plus Legends of Tomorrow popping in and out of the other series. Now a full season for Legends and the addition of Supergirl open up a world (perhaps, even a multi-verse) of possibilities for crossovers. Here are just a few we would like to see:

Legends of Tomorrow fix Flashpoint:

This season on Legends, the team are taking over for the Time Masters and, well, what Barry did with saving his mom is certainly not approved. Preventing and fixing time travel issues is what the Legends do and, unfortunately, their friend created major issues, so what better way to have the shows crossover than by letting the Legends just do what they do?


The Supergirl vs. Flash Race:

When Barry Allen made his way over to Supergirl, right before he went home the two talked about needing to have a race. During The Flash’s first season, viewers saw the start of a Flash vs. Arrow fight, so it would be fun to continue the tradition, but with a race rather than a battle.


A traditional Arrow and The Flash crossover:

With the endless possibilities, there is something special about getting back to basics. The past two seasons, the Arrow and The Flash crossovers have been filled not only with action and humor, but also camaraderie. Those two teams have formed both personal friendships and professional partnerships that always create great television. So we ask, why mess with a good thing?


A tech team crossover:

We know that a crossover between the technical superheroes is fun because of all its action, but these shows are also known for creating team members in which viewers are equally (if not more) invested. None of these teams can win without their technical help and we think showcasing these team members together is an excellent idea. There are few things we want more than to see Felicity, Cisco, and Winn all in one room. We’re pretty sure the internet couldn’t handle it.


A Wedding:

Alright, alright, this most likely won’t happen this season (and it probably shouldn’t), but we can’t think of a more fun way to have the series crossover. Whether it’s an eventual Oliver and Felicity, Barry and Iris, or another couple not yet in existence, we love the idea of having a crossover that does not involve action. While viewers love watching these heroes show off their skills, we also love watching them relax and cut loose. A wedding is a perfect way for our favorite characters just to spend time together.


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