TNWU Weekly Superlatives (October 2nd-8th)

Hello there, beautiful nerds!  This week in TV was a doozy.  It had it’s ups and downs, it made us cry, it made us laugh, and it left us wanting more.  We saw the premiere of Frequency and Timeless, while other shows, like Fear The Walking Dead, came to its season’s finale.  So, without further ado, here’s this weeks Weekly Superlatives list.


Best One-Liner: NCIS: LA

“If I’m going to pay a quarter million dollars for a carpet…The damn thing better fly.” -Callen

“Okay. Aladdin” – Sam

The Queen's Gambit

Most Lovable Character: Criminal Minds



It’s always been hard not to love JJ, but after this week’s episode, our love for her found a way to grow through a heartbreaking story.  She’s always had a soft spot for children, and after failing to save a child, she is reeling.  It is her humanity in the face of such evil and the way that she mourns for those that she can’t save that make her such an interesting and lovable character.

Biggest Jerk: Fear The Walking dead



When you’re living in a zombie apocalypse humanity becomes a fuzzy issue, and the line between what is and isn’t right becomes skewed.  For Brandon, however, humanity is just thrown out the window.  His entire rule of no dead weight is just cruel, and when Chris suffers a terrible leg injury he doesn’t hesitate to kill him, just as he had killed James.  So, yeah, he’s like the jerk of all jerks.

Best Dressed: Timeless

The Whole Cast


The costumes for their time spent in 1937 were fantastic! It was so fun to see all the period clothing, and we have a feeling that is going to continue throughout the season as the characters travel from one time period to another.

Biggest OTP Moment: the flash

Iris and Barry


“But it’s love. This is what love feels like.”

“Since the day I met you.”

Basically, Barry and Iris are in love in every reality.

Most Heartbreaking Moment: NCIS: LA

Deeks proposing to Kensi while in a coma


Last season we had a hypothetical Densi proposal, so fans couldn’t wait to witness the real thing. This Sunday, as heartbreaking as it was, having one-half of the duo unconscious, we were gifted with a real proposal.  “Kensi Marie Blye will you please wake up and marry me?” Asks Deeks. After Deeks puts the engagement ring on Kensi’s finger she moves her arm/hand/toes, but sadly does not wake up and we’re warned she may never. Cue the tears.

Funniest Scene: Once upon a time

Hook, Henry, and Charming


While 6×02 wasn’t the most lighthearted episode ever, I did laugh out loud when Henry referred to ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Goodfellas’ only to have a dazed Hook not know what in the world he’s talking about. To which Henry told Hook it was time for a movie night. I don’t think I will never not laugh when Hook doesn’t understand modern day references or the confused face and stuttering he did. I also loved how Charming was so over it. (Contributed by Madeline Klepec)

Best Buddy Moment: pitch

The fight on the field


After most players shunned Ginny, when a player on another team argues with her, the team spills out of the dugout to fight in her defense, treating her like a real team member. (Contributed by Traci-Anne Canada)

Best Plot-twist: Frequency

Frank lives, but Julie dies


After Raimy communicates with her dead father in the past via his ham radio, she finds a way to warn him about his impending doom. Instead of being murdered in 1996 he lives. Unfortunately, Frank surviving means Raimy’s mother Julie became the victim of a serial killer. Now instead of mourning her father, Raimy must mourn her mother.

Most Shocking: Fear The Walking Dead

Chris’s Fate is Revealed


Finding out that Chris had died was a big enough shocker, but the events that take place in the wake of that revelation make Chris’s fate the most shocking moment.  First, you have Travis, who had been preaching to his son that they can still be good, that they don’t have to kill.  But what does he do?  He ends up killing two men with his bare hands.  To escalate things, when Oscar dies as a result of his injuries sustained by Travis, Alicia kills Andrés to protect Travis.

Performer of the Week: Chicago P.D.

AMY MORTON AS trudy platt

Chicago P.D. - Season 4

Sergeant Trudy Platt is best known for her sarcasm and dry wit, but Tuesday’s episode showed a raw, vulnerable side of the character that rendered fans speechless. After a brutal attack claims her father’s life and leaves her seriously injured, Platt struggles to balance the urge for revenge with her injuries and grief. Platt’s most vulnerable moments- one with Sergeant Voight and later with her husband, Chicago Fire’s Mouch, were the highlights of an emotionally charged hour which showcased actress Amy Morton’s range and talent. (Contributed by Gina Zippilli).

That’s it for this week!  Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments and let us know if we missed anything or if there are any categories you would like us to add!  We will see you next week with more Talk Nerdy With Us Weekly TV Superlative Awards!

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