Singer-Songwriter Jesse Sheppard Releases Country-Pop Cover of “Peter Pan”

Pop-Country singer/songwriter Jesse Sheppard is proud to announce the release of his latest cover of Kelsea Ballerini’s smash, “Peter Pan.” Sheppard has been hard at work in the studio gearing up for his debut album, to be released in 2017. To close out 2016 with a bang, Sheppard partnered with BUZZNET unveil a very special cover of “Peter Pan.” Instead of taking on the cover word for word, he re-envisioned the song from a male perspective, as Peter Pan.

Sheppard fell in love with Ballerini’s melody choices, the lyrics, instrumentals, and production and wanted to recreate the song to showcase a male reflecting on himself. With newly crafted lyrics, the character Sheppard built within the song realizes that he needs to turn himself around if he wants to be with the woman he loves. Buzznet exclaims, “Sheppard’s unique vocal ability and attentiveness to style, shine bright in this cover.” Heartfelt and earnest, fans will fall in love with Sheppard’s honeyed vocals. Jesse Sheppard’s cover of “Peter Pan” now available on iTunes and be on the lookout for new music coming soon!

Sheppard’s album, “Runaway,” is expected November 18th on, and fans can check out a sample of the release on Amazon. You can also check out Jesse’s YouTube channel for other songs from his EP “These Days.”

More about Jesse Sheppard:

Twenty-year-old Jesse Sheppard may be young, but is not new to the music scene. By the age of 13, Sheppard started his musical journey and quickly became a seasoned singer/songwriter creating catchy songs and captivating audiences with his pop band, Six Stories Told. SST’s fan base continued to expand rapidly, and the band embarked on an international tour playing to large crowds in the US and the UK and gaining rapid attention with Sheppard’s meaningful original songs. Over the years, SST played over 300 live shows, making the stage a second home to Jesse.

In March of 2016, Sheppard decided it was time to pursue a solo career and followed a path toward a sound that always influenced him the most musically – pop and country. With the help of producer Rob Freeman at Audio Pilot Studios, Sheppard and Freeman collaborated along with the help of a handful of other talented musicians, and turned Sheppard’s solo dream into reality. After months of hard work in the studio, the result is a record that truly captures all of Sheppard’s influences seamlessly for his debut EP, “These Days.” His debut is heavy on the pop and country sound with a mix of rock, folk, and soul elements blended in. His dreamy voice is the type young and old can fall in love with.

Sheppard lives for performing onstage and strongly believes in creating and maintaining a strong bond with his fans because of how crucial a role they play in his success. When not on the road, his favorite time of day to write is in the morning when he can work uninterrupted to craft and fine tune his music. He takes his inspiration from everywhere – every music genre, experiences, books, movies, and conversations resulting in songs that intentionally tell an uplifting story with a positive message. When he isn’t writing or playing music, Sheppard lives life to the fullest and is an adrenaline junkie with an affinity for scuba diving, skydiving, surfing, hiking, and pretty much anything outside and involving fitness. Sheppard’s long term goal is for music to be his only day job so he can continue to write, create, play music, and connect with his fans doing what he loves most.


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