A Recap and Review of Aftermath’s “Hieronymo’s Mad Againe”

What the f*ck did I just watch? This episode of Aftermath was “Silence of the Lambs” meets “Saw,” and it was all sorts of weird, but the family dynamics made up for the weirdness. So, let’s talk episode 10.

The Copeland family is in Idaho now. They stop for a quick lunch break in the woods like any typical family would in an apocalypse. But they find something weird- bodies that have been stretched and that are now hanging in the trees. Yes, you read that correctly. Josh notices that there’s a watch on one of the bodies and the clock is stopped at the exact time that all clocks stopped in Seattle. Before anyone could question what that even meant, Josh begins coughing up more blood. So their new mission is to find some tetra.


They get to a warehouse which points them to a long-term care facility for the elderly. Boy, they had no idea what they were getting themselves into. Josh stays back in the RV, and Matt watches over him. He’s getting worse. Karen, along with Dana and Brianna, head into the facility to find some tetra. They run into a nurse, who seems to be the only one there. She says she’ll give them the medicine if Karen helps her move some patients downstairs. She also makes them leave their weapons. Queue me yelling at my TV screen. Come on Karen- you know better than that!


Brianna and Dana stay downstairs and start sneaking around storage closets while Karen goes with the nurse. But they all quickly realize that this isn’t any ordinary long-term care facility because this nurse is whack. She knocks Karen out and drugs her, and locks the twins on the second floor of the building. The nurse tells Karen that she’s basically going to stuff her. Like, I’m talking kill her, skin her, and stuff her. That’s how whack this nurse is. She straps Karen onto a table and gives her a paralyzing drug. Meanwhile, Dana and Brianna cut the power just before the nurse can use her handy-dandy electric skin cutting tool. She goes to check the fuse box, and the twins send a 200-volt shock right to her back.


Dana and Brianna head up to get their mom, but they need the elevator to wheel her out of there. Brianna goes to turn the power back on but sees that the nurse is missing. Running back upstairs, the nurse is now drugging Dana too and is about to kill Karen. But little does she know that Karen has a gun that’s about to hit her right in the chest. They shoot her; she dies (we think), and they hop on out of that joint. They make their way back to the RV where they find a very sick Josh who still desperately needs tetra. Mission unaccomplished.


Where will they look next? Find out next week on Aftermath, airing Tuesday at 10/9c on Syfy.

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