Agents of SHIELD Season 4 Episode 6: Bad Guys Revealed

I continue to dislike Director Mace. The good thing is Jemma looked like she was close to stabbing him at the beginning of this episode when he sent her off on a suspicious mission for the US government. She did cut off his “A team that trusts is a team that triumphs” line thankfully.

Mace went after Coulson to find Daisy and Robbie. Mace and Coulson exchanged some witty one-liners and had a scene devoted to Star Wars metaphors, which I appreciate. Meanwhile, Daisy, Robbie, and his little brother are stashed away in a containment module under the jet. A small pod is not the best place to have a family heart to heart where you reveal that you occasionally turn into a flaming skull. Those conversations are especially not fun if you’re an uninvolved third party unable to escape. I feel for Daisy.

Throughout this, we also get the flashback showing us how Robbie became the Ghost Rider. It turns out, in the hit that paralyzed his brother, Robbie died. A “good Samaritan,” the original Ghost Rider, pulled Gabe from the wreckage and then went over to Robbie. He gave Robbie a second chance to avenge himself and his brother. Gabe, however, doesn’t feel that vengeance is a good enough reason to go around killing people. Even if you have the devil inside of you.

Fitz is busy tracking down our ghost woman. After a brief, but hilarious rant at Director Mace’s thugs searching his laboratory for Daisy and Robbie, Fitz gets back to work. He finds out that what Lucy is attempting to do could hurt thousands of people. He tells this to Coulson and Mace, but Mace, who had just found Daisy and Robbie, cared more about capturing them than saving lives. I really dislike Mace.

This causes Robbie to break out of the containment module, because apparently if the devil possesses you, SHIELD tech doesn’t really stop you. Robbie starts to beat the crap out of Mace and only stops when his brother begs him to. Coulson manages to convince Mace to go after Lucy despite Robbie’s attempt to kill him, and even gets in a dig at Fox News.

We also get flashbacks from what occurred between Lucy and Eli and the other researchers. They were creating matter from nothing, and as Eli said “playing God.” Lucy responded that the book was divinely written anyway. So we’ve got one character obsessed with the divine and another with the devil. It’s an interesting path that the show is taking.

Of course, as fans of the comics know, Eli Morrow is the actual bad guy. He trapped Lucy and the others in the unfinished machine and turned them into the ghosts they are now so that he could keep all the power for himself. In the present, he finally has the chance to finish. He gave himself the power to create matter out of nothing. This’ll be an interesting threat for the SHIELD team to deal with in the coming episodes.

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