Exclusive Interview with Actress Lindsay Lamb


Photo Credit: Chris Wood
Photo Credit: Chris Wood

With titles like After School Massacre, Deadly Punkettes, and Helen Keller VS Nightwolves on her IMDB filmography it’s obvious that Lindsay Lamb is making a name for herself in the indie horror genre.

Her latest project, Hide In The Light, is no exception.  She stars as an urban explorer who gets trapped in a demon-possessed house.

After that, she trades in screams for squeals when she co-stars in a live-action family comedy with a pet pig.

Talk Nerdy is pleased to introduce you to this “weirdo”—her word, not ours—who believes in the paranormal, got spooked on set and lives for crime docs and cooking.

This is Lindsay Lamb.

How long have you been acting and how did you get started?

I’ve been acting professionally since I was ten years old but, if you ask my parents, I’ve been acting out for attention long before then. When I was in the first grade, my teacher told my mom that she should think about getting me into the theater (so that I could be amongst my fellow weirdos). I auditioned for the musical ‘Annie’ and somehow booked it. I’ve been hooked ever since. 

You’re starring in Hide In The Light, which is about friends who are “urban explorers” that visit a famed witch’s house where they get trapped by a demonic force when the moon rises. What is an urban explorer versus a paranormal investigator?

Well, I’m not sure that this is an official definition or difference, but to my understanding, an urban explorer is someone who explores abandoned man-made structures while a paranormal investigator is someone who investigates events that don’t have a scientific explanation… I think that’s right. So, in Hide In The Light, our characters are urban explorers who sort of turn into paranormal investigators, but definitely not by choice. 

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What can you tell us about your character, Becca?

I had a lot of fun playing Becca! She starts off very carefree and innocent and has to grow up very quickly when things start going south for the group. 

Is it true this was an Indiegogo project inspired by the short Under the Covers?

Yes! There was an Indiegogo project for Under the Covers which was the inspiration for Hide In The Light, but Under the Covers was a Glix for the Arts project, so that’s really where it all began.

When and where can viewers find Hide in the Light?

Soon! And hopefully everywhere. I know the final touches are being made as we speak and then it’s distribution time. I post all the updates on my Instagram (@LambL91), so if anyone wants to keep up to date with the project, that’s a good place to check. We also have a fancy new website, http://www.hideinthelight.com, where you can find the trailer, cast info, and behind the scenes goodies! 


You’ve done a number of horror projects. What do you like about working in this genre and do you enjoy watching horror yourself?

I love watching the process of script to screen. I also love the production design for horror films. Our production designer for Hide In The Light, Allie Franke, was amazing. There were several times throughout shooting that we all got a little spooked from her work along with the lighting, fog machines, etc. And yes! I love watching horror. I’m a huge psychological fan as well. 

Do you believe in the paranormal?

(laughs) Definitely. I think kids are very open to seeing and experiencing certain things that are in that “unexplainable” category, and as we grow up we tell ourselves not to see certain things or to ignore them, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.  

Also coming out this year is Arlo: The Burping Pig. You star as one of Joey Lawrence’s three daughters in this family friendly, live-action film. How will this appeal to kids?

For starters, it stars the cutest pig you’ve ever seen! It’s also very relatable, maybe not so much the finding a pig in the backyard aspect, but definitely moving to a new town and wanting to fit in and have friends. It has a really great message of coming together when times are tough, so I think it will be a film that the whole family will enjoy.  

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjrckRD4wZc&w=560&h=315]

There’s an old adage from W.C. Fields: never work with animals or children. What was your experience working with both?

(laughs) Yes, I’ve heard that a few times now. We got lucky working on Arlo because the sweet little pig who played Arlo was incredibly smart and had an amazing trainer and Lindsey Blanchard, who plays Talia, is such a little gem. I absolutely adore her and her family so working with them together was a blast. The only minor challenge that we had was that there are, for obvious reasons, a lot of strict laws when it comes to working with animals and children so we had to make sure that the amount of scenes scheduled was realistic so that we would make all of our days. 

Lastly, aside from doing horror projects, what do you nerd out about?

I really nerd out over crime documentaries! Also, new recipes and of course my dogs. So a perfect night for me would be cooking in my kitchen with a murder documentary on and my pups laying by my feet. Riveting, I know!

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