“It’s Complicated” Gets Even More Complicated with a Season Two

Remember “It’s Complicated,” the web series featuring Skye who’s living with her ex-boyfriend but who’s also realizing she might actually be into girls? If not, check out the Talk Web Series With Us I did for it! As they describe it, “Season One was about Skye, who’s stuck in a lease with her ex-boyfriend/now-platonic BFF Lance. Things get a lot more interesting when Skye sleeps with her co-worker Alex… who’s also a girl. NBD. Except Skye is straight. Or at least Skye has always considered herself straight. It’s a coming of age story about friendship, acceptance, and self-discovery.

Season one was a hit. But things are about to get way more interesting. Well… way more complicated at least.

The series gained a quite loyal following through its first season, so the creators, actors, and producers knew there was more story to be told. Queue season two! “Season Two comes six months later, and focuses more on Alex. Now we don’t want to give everything away but let’s just say Alex is a bit guarded and needs help cleaning her chakras.” Before we learn more about Alex and her chakras, the people behind the series need our help! They’ve started a crowdfunding page to help kickstart season two into action.


Want to know what your money would be going towards? Check out their video:

If you can, donate here, and help make “It’s Complicated” season two a reality!

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