Once Upon a Time Roundtable on 6×06 “Dark Waters”


Photo Credit: ABC/Jack Rowand
Photo Credit: ABC/Jack Rowand

This week was all about family on Once. Madeline, Arlene, and I discuss the deeper look into Captain Hook’s past and what it means to do anything for family. We also examine the surprises along the way and the not too pleasant reaction between the Evil Queen and Gold. Is there a ship name for that?


What were your overall thoughts on the episode?

Madeline: So many feels! I think this has been my favorite episode of the season. No, I am not just saying that because Hook is my favorite character. Or am I? Seriously, we saw some wicked character development on Hook and Henry’s part. Bravo.

Arlene: I liked this one a lot better than last week’s episode! Of course, having a mostly Hook episode was a definite plus!!

Alexis: I absolutely loved this episode!! I mean I am a bit bias since I’m a Hook fan, but I thought that it was nice that the heroes were dealing with individual problems and not just in a huge group trying to figure out the villain’s next move. Everyone had something to do, and it felt very spread out. Plus Hook and Henry’s bonding was great and it was nice to see them on an adventure in present day.


ONCE 6x06

We met Captain Nemo and instead of being a nemesis to Hook he wanted to give him a home. What did you think of Nemo’s offer? 

Madeline: Can I just say how much I loved Nemo? He wasn’t in the episode much, but aw. I think it was sweet how he wanted to take Hook under his wing.

Arlene: I don’t think a peaceful life on a mysterious island is ever going to be Hook’s fate…and besides you can’t run from your memories or your guilt.

Alexis: I didn’t expect Nemo to be so generous and welcome Hook with open arms. It made you realize that Hook could have taken a different path if he chose to stay with Nemo. I actually wanted to see more of Nemo in this episode, but I’m glad he is still alive.

After all this time, Henry is still a bit defensive when accepting Hook into the family, especially when he found out about the shears. Is he right to still have doubts or was his reaction just a bit too much teen angst? 

Madeline: A little of both. I’m not a huge fan of Henry, and I do think his teenage angst has gotten out of hand. However, Emma is his mom, so there’s that bit of understanding. I just hated how he accused Hook of not caring and how he’d never be a part of the family. Like, excuse me. The kid is in need of some good ole fashion grounding.

Arlene: There was the usual amount of teen angst, a touch of the resentment for anyone who would take some of his mother’s attention away from him, and of course the Evil Queen played on those natural feelings.  I think it’s normal for a child to have doubts about a “step,” but I am glad they resolved it.

Alexis: I mean Henry’s reaction is typical for a kid who is in a situation of having to accept a new member into the family, but it did go a bit too far for me. To say that Hook has never cared about Henry, Emma, or anyone in the family is so far from the truth and I thought Henry would see through the Evil Queen’s lies because she is the villain and villain’s like to get inside people’s head.



Hook and Henry get kidnapped and are able to get to know each other a little more. Did you have a favorite part of this Captain Cobra adventure? 

Madeline: I liked how Hook was so open about his past with Henry. I think it was sweet that he was willing to bare his soul. Eventually, I warmed up to Henry after he came back to save Hook. He does care!

Arlene: I liked how Hook was willing to stay behind and sacrifice his life for Henry.

Alexis: I really liked how Hook was so open with Henry about his insecurities and not wanting to ruin another family and Henry’s reassurance that he wouldn’t. Henry going back for Hook just solidifies the fact that Henry knows that Hook would do anything for him and the family and that Henry is slowly accepting Hook into the family.



When it was revealed that Hook’s younger brother Liam was part of Nemo’s crew were you surprised to see him? Was he right for wanting revenge on Hook?

Madeline: To be honest, I didn’t expect them to revisit the character of Liam 2.0 (which is what I will refer to him as). Of course, it was fair for him to want revenge on Hook. Hook did murder his, I mean, their father. I could see why Liam 2.0 was peeved.

Arlene: I did see it coming, and I certainly can understand why, without any background information about his father and why Hook did it, that he would want revenge.

Alexis: Seeing younger brother Liam was really unexpected because I honestly didn’t think that his story would be told again but I’m glad it was and that him and Hook were able to deal with the fact that Hook killed their father. I’m glad Liam was able to realize that revenge wouldn’t get him anywhere, just like his older brother figured out.


This episode highlighted how family doesn’t always have to be blood. Did Hook and Henry and even Liam and Nemo make good examples of this statement? 

Madeline: Heck yessssss!!!!!!

Arlene: Absolutely.  The end when Nemo and Liam reunite was so touching.

Alexis: Yes they did, and it was an excellent reminder of why this show works, and it is because of the strength of family.


Emma gave Aladdin some advice on how running away wasn’t going to solve his problems. Now that Agrabah is apparently gone what do you think his next step will be?

Madeline: You’ve got me. Pass because I have absolutely no idea.

Arlene: I think he’s going to go back and see what happened and see if he can fix it. He’ll try to see if Jafar is involved.

Alexis: I think that Aladdin will try to help bring it back, but there has to be more to the story because how could it just vanish?



Hook finally told Emma the truth about the shears, and she said that she would have done the same thing. We have seen Emma go to great lengths to save Hook in the past so what do you think he and Henry will try to do to save her? 

Madeline: I knew she wouldn’t be mad! I knew it. If Emma’s fate is to die (I do not really believe it), then Hook and Henry will do anything. And I mean anything. What anything is, I have no idea.

Arlene: Anything and everything that is within their ability to do (and maybe, with magic’s aid, beyond!)

Alexis: I’m glad that the whole secret wasn’t kept for long and I’m happy that it was done in a way where the audience knew that Emma has in fact done the same thing to keep Hook alive. They want to keep each other safe because they love each other. How Hook and Henry are going to save her is a mystery to me right now, but they will do anything for her, there’s no doubt about that.


The Evil Queen and Rumple took their relationship to a whole new level. Is it a start of a possible romance? Or just a huge no? 

Madeline: I would like to erase that from my brain thank you. Awkward, just no.

Arlene: NO! The Evil Queen was just using Gold to get what she wants.  Gold loves Belle (and that is my OTP!), and I think Gold knows The Evil Queen too well to “fall” for her.  I think he’d be just as happy with her gone like everyone else in Storybrooke!

Alexis: Eww. Why? Just no. No!!!!


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