Once Upon a Time Roundtable on 6×07 “Heartless”

Photo Credit: ABC/Jack Rowand
Photo Credit: ABC/Jack Rowand

This week Madeline, Arlene, and I talk about the power of True Love. It turns out Snow and Charming met way before Snow robbed him, or before Emma and Hook’s time traveling adventure. We found out just when the first spark of True Love happened for Snowing and what it means now that they have encountered a sleeping curse they cannot break themselves from. We also see an unlikely alliance with Belle and Zelena, and Captain Swan is once again proving that they are goals.


What were your overall thoughts on the episode?

Madeline: I liked it! I missed the Enchanted Forest Snow and Charming dynamics. I do have to confess that I wasn’t the biggest Snowing fan. However, after this episode, it made me like them!

Arlene: It was sad and heartbreaking. I’m wondering how the untold stories will figure in.

Alexis: This episode might be one of my favorites of the season so far. I feel that we have been missing a Snow/Charming adventure and I’m excited that they have another obstacle to face together.



Regina, Snow, and Charming were working together which says a lot about how far they have come since the days of the Evil Queen. Do you agree that their relationship has evolved or is there just too much bad history?

Madeline: Their relationship has grown. There is no doubt about that. I do think it’s a bit unbelievable that they were able to put so much behind them. Then again, nothing about this show is actually believable.

Arlene: I definitely believe they have evolved and grown. I think “good Regina” feels bad about the Charmings, and that’s why she is helping put things right.

Alexis: The relationship has really grown I won’t deny that. I’m glad that Snow, Charming, and Regina are passed their history, and it shows just how forgiving Snow and Charming are.



They didn’t see each other, but we find out that Snow and Charming “met” before. What did you think of their flashback?

Madeline: That was pretty crazy! Love always finds people. The flashback was interesting considering they didn’t know they were even meeting. Also, how cute was that dog?

Arlene: It was sweet and heroic. I like the depth it added to their backstory.

Alexis: I wondered how it fit into the timeline but then I ended up in a black hole of numerous scenarios, so I took the scene for what it was and loved it. This episode reminded me of how beautiful their story is and that True Love will find each other. It was meant to be.



Hook told Emma the beautiful story of why she is the Savior, and it’s because of her parent’s True Love. Do you think this was the push Emma needed to believe in herself and overcome her fate?

Madeline: Ummm…how do you expect me to write about this without crying? That was one of the most romantic scenes between those two, and it’s now my top three favorite Emma and Hook scenes. Anyway…I think it was a push for her to believe in herself and overcome her fate. While we didn’t hear Emma say much in that scene, her facial expressions said it all. THAT SCENE WAS BEAUTIFUL. Okay, I’m okay.

Arlene: Possibly. I think I may have seen her hand stop shaking, at one point I saw her hand not shake.

Alexis: I sighed and had a huge smile on my face and just thought, “Perfect.” There were no other words to describe that scene, and I hope it helps Emma believe that she can fight her fate.



Let’s talk about the way too uncomfortable confrontation Zelena had with the Evil Queen and Rumple. Does this effect who Zelena will side with from here on out?

Madeline: This makes me want to cry for other reasons. Seriously, someone erase my memory. I could have used that sleeping curse. Oh, I definitely think Zelena is going to betray the Evil Queen, for sure.

Arlene: Oh yes, definitely! She’s purely angry at Regina and how she has manipulated her. I think Zelena will end up helping Belle.

Alexis: Nope couldn’t un-see it. The memory curse wasn’t looking too bad at that moment. Zelena is going to get her betrayal on, but I hope she gets Regina’s help to do so because they need to get back on each other’s side again.



Belle gave Rumple some cold hard truth about being a man who could potentially do the right thing, but because he is always afraid to fail, that makes him weak. Is Rumple ever going to take Belle’s words to heart?

Madeline: Belle may not be my favorite character, but I had so much respect for her. I wanted her to slap him, but alas, she didn’t. Rumple is not going to take her words to heart. He’s too self-centered and craves power. He’s literally the worst.

Arlene: I think he genuinely wants to but giving up his complete control over situations is just so far out of his realm of imagination he can’t picture how even to begin to give Belle what she wants and needs.

Alexis: I continue to be so proud of Belle, and I am glad that she finally told Rumple what he is so adamant to avoid. He doesn’t want to confront himself with another crossroad because he always gets burned. If he truly intends to be a figure in his son’s life he has to step up and do the right thing. It wouldn’t surprise me if he didn’t though.



This episode reminded us of Snow and Charming and their epic true love story. Now that Evil Queen has cursed them both how do you think they will break it?

Madeline: I am real tired of these curses. I have seen theories on Twitter that Emma will absorb the sleeping curse from both of them and then Hook will wake her. Seems plausible, but I don’t think that will happen. Honestly, my guess is as good as anyones. Just when you think you have everything figured out, you don’t.

Arlene: Didn’t they have or see another sapling?  Also, this scenario reminds me of Ladyhawke. I forgot how they broke the curse, with Matthew Broderick – maybe he could help right now!

Alexis: I mean Emma being born of True Love would make sense, and she could wake them both, but we know that this is Once Upon a Time and it’s not that easy. I’ll be curious to see what their solution will be, but hopefully, it will be done sooner rather than later, so the Evil Queen will know that she hasn’t won.


BONUS!! Here is a picture of Charming’s dog Wilby, the real star of the episode.




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