Reasons Why I’m a Colin O’Donoghue Enthusiast

If you haven’t read any of my previous posts, I’ll clue you in on a little secret: I am a huge Colin O’Donoghue fan. (Okay, so maybe it isn’t really a secret considering I’m pretty vocal about it). However, I’ve never really discussed where my adoration for him comes from. Please note that this is just from a fan perspective as I don’t, unfortunately, know him. Nor have I met him. Yet. Fingers crossed I do someday! Without further ado, here are my reasons for Colin being my favorite human, I mean actor:


He’s awkward which makes him so humble and real:Image result for colin o'donoghue gifs

If you haven’t seen any of his interviews, I highly suggest you do. Between him blushing and getting speechless, he just seems like your every day kind of guy. Good thing Jennifer Morrison is there to swoop in when he needs help. Not to mention the way he gets when fans scream ‘I love you!’ It’s almost as if he can’t believe it. I remember reading an interview where he mentions that he didn’t have many friends growing up and he was shy, but acting helped him. He just seems really real and humble which I love.

He’s an incredible actor:Image result for emma and hook firebird gifs

I can’t say much about the films he’s been in because I haven’t seen them (gasp! I am such a fake fan). However, I do watch Once Upon a Time like it’s my job. From his facial expressions, to his British accent, to his conveying of emotions, the man knows his craft. Sometimes he’s so intense in a scene that I have to remind myself that he’s acting. Hook is not real! Take the elevator scene in ‘Firebird’ for instance. His tears and him kissing Emma’s hand as she ascended the elevator proved that he knows how to act! I recently read that it was actually Colin crying because he saw how upset Jennifer Morrison was in that scene. And that he improvised those hand kisses. He had me blown away in that scene. Like ugly tears. This is why I watch the show by myself. Notable mention: him as Dark Hook. Intense!

He can literally do anything:Image result for colin o'donoghue juggling oranges gifs

He can sing; he can play the guitar; he can act; he can juggle oranges; he can do anything. Honestly, have you seen that video Karen David posted of him juggling oranges? It’s great; I would recommend it. There is one thing Colin can’t do as proven by blooper reels: walk up stairs without tripping. But that’s okay; us fans can overlook that.

He’s really, really attractive and Irish:Image result for colin o'donoghue playing guitar gifs

This is shallow, but come on. Take a look at him and listen to that Irish accent and then read this. Bonus: he rocks the guyliner, leather and hook. He’s just really hot okay. Someone once told me that he was just okay looking and I literally stopped in the middle of a busy city sidewalk, so appalled.


He’s great with his fans:Image result for colin o'donoghue gifs

As I stated above, I haven’t met him. Just from being on Twitter, people are always gushing about how nice he is. So I am going to make an assumption here and say that he is great with his fans. Actors don’t have to go to conventions or say hi to you while filming, but he does.

His friendships with the cast of Once Upon a Time are magical:Image result for colin o'donoghue gifs

Most notably, his friendship with Jennifer Morrison (Colifer) and Josh Dallas (O’Dallas). He just seems to really care about his friends on set, and I just enjoy that. I think that helps with his chemistry onscreen since Jen plays his love interest and Josh plays his future father-in-law (hopefully). It’s just so evident.

Now people can’t tell me I only love Colin because he plays Hook! Not that people have, but I have this to prove it if the situation presents itself. If you ever want to fangirl over Colin, or Hook, please do. Tweet me @MeMadeline2!

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