A Recap and Review of Aftermath’s “Where the Dead Men Lost Their Bones”

In case you thought this episode would be a little less intense after last week, you thought wrong. The Copeland’s are still in Idaho. They’re still running towards the end of the world, and they’re still finding themselves in loads of trouble. This week especially.

The episode starts off in an abandoned house where the Copeland’s are camping out until Josh meets some sort of fate. Karen and the kids are still set on finding tetra for him so her, along with Brianna and Matt, set off on a journey. Dana kicks it with her pop in the abandoned house and knocks him out with a handy sedative she has. But Josh’s illness proves to be too strong for this sedative so he instead, knocks her out, and goes in search of answers.

We’re also introduced to a new character- Audrene, who is a Seattle reporter that randomly woke up in Idaho one day. She’s keeps repeating words to herself- “the one is many, but the many one.” No clue what that means yet. She gets captured by a gang of hooligans playing doctor. They examine her but let her go.

Both Matt and Brianna are getting themselves into their own trouble. Matt saves a girl, Sarah, who is trying to kill herself. Apparently, Matt has seen enough death for one lifetime. Sarah mistakenly killed her best friend who was high on E. Before she left the group she was with, she took the last of their tetra. Well, this is convenient! But now the group is out to find her. Matt tells her she can stick with him in exchange for the tetra. Solid exchange. I’d absolutely trade the last of the tetra to hang out with Matt Copeland. Just saying…

Brianna, on the other hand, has found her way into the group that Sarah’s running from. They’re no good, and Brianna just wants to get the hell out of there. She tricks them into thinking an abandoned drug dealer left his stash back at the house where Josh and Dana are camping out (well, now just Dana).

Karen is still out looking for tetra, but she runs into a woman instead. The woman explains that her husband got sucked into a black hole. You know small talk. Before Karen can help her, the woman gets sucked into her own black hole. Bye! At the same time this woman gets sucked up into the sky, Josh has found himself some company with Audrene. She’s trying to convince the same gang of hooligans who captured her at the beginning of the episode that Josh needs to stay alive because he knows something. The black hole causes a distraction and the two escape.

Everyone is headed back to the abandoned house at this point! World’s collide!

Here, Brianna’s gang is threatening her life. They demand that Matt gives them the tetra that Sarah gave them. Before anyone else can say something, Sarah sneaks around back and catches them off guard with her gun. At this point, Karen arrives back. Mama’s home! Karen, Matt, and Sarah all now have the advantage over the gang. She spares them their life at the request of Dana and runs off to find Josh to give him the tetra. She finds him passed out and shoves the medicine down his throat. Josh is healed! The Copeland family is reunited! All is good!


Until next week, of course. Watch with me on Tuesday at 10/9c on Syfy.

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