Once Upon a Time Roundtable 6×09 “Changelings”

Photo Credit: ABC/Jack Rowand
Photo Credit: ABC/Jack Rowand

In this week’s roundtable, Madeline and I talk about Belle’s sacrifice for her and Rumple’s child, Aladdin’s (bad) decision to become the genie, Emma’s vision revelation and Regina and Zelena’s ever-dramatic sisterly bond.

What were your overall thoughts on the episode?

Madeline: I was very impressed! This season hasn’t been my favorite, but it’s picking up for sure. I am not the biggest fan of Rumple or Belle, but I found this episode intriguing!

Alexis: I was really happy with the episode, and I am so glad the story is picking up the momentum and beginning to show us the consequences of what the Evil Queen can do especially since she messed with Belle’s pregnancy.



Belle made the ultimate sacrifice and made sure her son had his best chance away from magic and Rumple’s influence. What did you think of her sacrifice? Do you believe she made the right choice?

Madeline: That was very sad! I think she made the right choice, though. She was afraid of what Rumple might do and rightly so. We’ve seen that Rumple is not capable of change or being the good guy. I feel so sad for Belle, though; she doesn’t deserve this.

Alexis: I thought Belle made the right choice in the end even though it was painful to see her have to give up her baby. I think she knew that leaving him with Rumple would have had consequences. Rumple would never hurt his child but I don’t know what cutting off his fate would do to the baby either.



It turns out, Rumple’s mother is the Black Fairy. What did you think about this reveal? Do you think we will see her again?

Madeline: I did not see that coming! To be honest, I had forgotten that we haven’t been told who his mother is. Pretty shocking. As far as if we’re going to see her again…I’m not so sure. I think it’s going to be like Hook’s dad where we were introduced to him and never saw him again. But who knows?

Alexis: I was surprised because I didn’t really expect her. She kind of came out of nowhere and usually with Once there is some kind of foreshadowing to these types of reveals, but I hope we see her again because she left so suddenly. There were so many questions that were left unanswered.



Are Regina and Zelena ever going to make amends and reunite as sisters again?

Madeline: Hmm..their relationship is in a very delicate place at the moment. As we saw in this episode, Regina completely blames Zelena for Robin’s death. In my opinion, I think Regina is being too hard on Zelena. Sure, she played a part in his death, but I don’t think it’s fair for Regina to blame it all on Zelena. I think the sisters have a difficult journey ahead of them.

Alexis: Regina is being too cold because it wasn’t just Zelena’s fault. While I can see why Regina would want to blame her, it’s not exactly the best thing to do if Zelena is the only blood family Regina has left. They have a long way to go but Regina putting the blame on Zelena is not entirely fair.



Aladdin turned himself into a Genie. Was this a good idea? Or is he just trying to make up for giving up his powers as a Savior?

Madeline: Stupid. Just stupid. (And from the promo of the winter finale, VERY STUPID)

Alexis: NOOOO!! This was such a bad idea. If Aladdin was trying to do right by Jasmine, then he should have waited so they could make a better plan. Hopefully, the writers give this story more attention because right now it seems like a backstory for something else and not to save Agrabah.



Emma and Hook have proven to be partners in everything they do, whether it was helping Belle, or going against Gold. Did you have a favorite part of their team up?

Madeline: I loved it all. I have missed Captain Swan’s adventures together, so it was nice to have them team up to save the day. If I have to choose…my favorite scene was the ending scene where they find the sword. At that moment, you saw that they were willing to work together to save Emma.

Alexis: Everything Captain Swan related I’m on board with because at this point they are a team and partners who have a dynamic where they get stuff done. My favorite moment would have to be when they are distracting Gold because it reminded me of when they had to distract the giant, and it brought back memories.



Emma is determined to find out who the hooded figure is and she might have a clue now with the sword in Gold’s shop. Do you think the sword has any other value other than being the weapon that kills her?

Madeline: There’s definitely some hidden meaning with that weapon. What it is? I have no clue, but I’m sure we’ll get the significance of it real soon. Thanks to some Twitter spoilers, I am 99 percent sure of who the hooded figure is. But no spoilers here!

Alexis: Going into theory mode, the sword might have an enchantment where it can kill the Savoir and anyone magical like the Dark One? I still don’t understand why someone wanted to kill Emma unless it’s to take away her power. If the Savior’s powers are strong why not add the Dark One’s magic into the bunch. Then the figure would be the most powerful sorcerer.


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