Sci-fi Miniseries “Relativity” Premieres

Undead Burrito Productions and Millennium Hand Productions have officially launched their latest project, Relativity.  The sci-fi miniseries, which is written and directed by Chris Cherry, stars Dana Shiree as Erin, Michelle Agresti as Candace, and Jon Esquivel as Perry.

After receiving a strange package in the mail, “Relativity” follows college student Erin Barclay as she unexpectedly finds herself hosting two strangers, artist Perry and grad student Candace. They are quickly placed in a life or death situation as the object in the package unsticks them from time, causing them to experience time jumps, but not in the same order.


While the series can be watched in whichever order you’d like, Cherry suggests the following due to an alternate ending that is not available on the other two playlists:





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