Peter Capaldi Announces Next Season Will Be His Final Run as The Doctor

It happens to all Doctors eventually: they must regenerate and leave us. Oh, there will be another Doctor (thanks to the Time Lords granting the Doctor further regenerations), but for Peter Capaldi’s Doctor, his run’s almost done.

Peter Capaldi revealed in an interview today that he will be stepping down as the Doctor after the upcoming series (that’s season, to us Americans). Twitter and Facebook have been abuzz with the news, along with the usual speculation that follows every regeneration announcement: Who will be the next Doctor?

It’s no doubt that the BBC will keep us guessing for quite some time before they announce the next Doctor. In the meantime, we’ll all get our tissues ready for the inevitable tear-jerker of a regeneration at the end of this season. What will be Capaldi’s final line? We’ll just have to wait and see…

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