The Maine Kick Off Lovely, Little, Lonely Tour and Announce Second Season of ‘Miserable Youth’

The Maine embarked on their Lovely, Little, Lonely World Tour last weekend, starting with a show in London then flying back to Phoenix to kick off the North American leg in a whirlwind of 24 hour travel. We get to see the tour in its entirety in the second season of “Miserable Youth”, the band’s series of behind the scenes videos that began with the recording of the sixth album. Episode one of the second season debuted last night on AlternativePress along with an interview with lead singer/songwriter, John O’Callaghan. The article and interview itself were based on the concepts of history and longevity, how the Maine have gotten to where they are over the span of a decade and where they’d like to go in the future.

We start the second season of Miserable Youth with seeing the band leaving home for tour (there are some fantastic shots of John’s dog getting some last minute scratches) and seeing the creative process of getting the stages put together. The set up for this tour looks incredibly dreamy with hanging clouds, flowery platforms, spindly trees, and soft lighting. The Maine is a DIY kind of band so everything is conceptualized and put together by them! During the Miserable Youth episode, Pat Kirch (drums) commented that he’d had the ideas rolling around in his head for quite some time and was excited to finally get back out on the road.

Our main takeaway from episode one is that this tour, these shows, and this album are all created and customized with thorough thought and care from the set-lists down to the color of the amps. We get to see Kennedy (guitar/vocals) spray painting the equipment and assisting Pat with stage set up during sound check and all the band members and road crew loading up trailers and sharing tour bus memories. The Maine took an already incredibly intimate concept (a behind the scenes video series) and somehow made it even more close and private for their fans. As O’Callaghan told AlternativePress, “We’re our best publicists.” 

You can catch new installments of Miserable Youth every Tuesday at 5:00 PM PST/8:00 PM EST

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