DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 3X05: Victorian Vampires, or a Cult?

“Return of the Mack” saw the return of Rip in vampire-ridden Victorian England. Of course, as Stein pointed out, and much to Mick’s disappointment, vampires aren’t real. But an ancient, evil, super-powered being sure is. And so is the cult that worships it. That being is Mallus. Rip has apparently been chasing Mallus for years, and is obsessed at this point. This leads him to beg the Legends for help.

Sara agrees on the condition that Rip orders the Time Bureau to stop following them. Of course, the moment Rip disagrees with Sara he decides the only option left is to initiate a lockdown protocol of the Waverider, locking everyone but him in the ship. The disagreement arose over the fact that Mallus was planning to inhabit Damien Darhk’s body. Sara wanted to end Darhk before he could be resurrected. Rip wanted to allow Darhk’s resurrection to finally meet Mallus face to face and kill him.

This being the 5th episode of the season, you can imagine how that plan went. Lucky for Rip, Sara and Amaya came to the rescue, along with the help of Zari. Unlucky for Rip, Sara called the Time Bureau and turned Rip over to them. Guess he’s no longer in charge.

Subplots of this episode included Zari hearing from her brother through a medium, who turned out to be channeling Mallus, and Ray helping Jax break the Firestorm connection (resulting in short term memory loss for Jax).

Overall this episode was more plot-oriented. We did get to see Zari and Amaya grow closer, and learn more of Zari’s backstory. Nate and Mick continue to act as comic relief. We also were reminded what a jackass Rip can be. I may have cheered when Sara turned him over to the Time Bureau.

The major point of the episode was finally, and also suddenly, the introduction to this season’s Big Bad. Mallus/Darhk got away, of course, but will likely wreak havoc throughout the upcoming episodes. The time aberrations will no doubt be sidelined in favor of this new plot.

Highlights of the Episode:

After Nate announces there’s a vampire in London, Mick randomly pulls out a stake. He’s waited his “whole life” to kill a vampire.
*A few moments later *
Mick stakes a dead body in the heart to prevent it from returning as a vampire.

Jax having short term memory loss, and forgetting things like they’re hunting vampires, and that they found Rip.

Amaya and Mick jumping to Zari’s defense when the medium supposedly channels her brother.

Ray casually trying to hide the complex formula for Firestorm after Stein walks in and, when that doesn’t work, then trying to turn the formula into a game of hangman (“Q!” Jax called, to continue the pointless ruse).

Best Quotes:

Ray: “Yeah, but your bond isn’t just physical. You guys have been psychically bonded for over 3 years.”
Jax: “Yeah, and it’s been no picnic, let me tell you. Last time I got laid, afterwards, Gray said to me, ‘Well done Jefferson,’ I mean!”
Ray: “Could’ve done without knowing that…”

Nate (having had no sleep, and far too much caffeine, over the intercom): “Wuzzup shipmates? I got exciting news to share. Team meeting in 10 minutes. And Mick, I have beer!”

Rip: “For the last five years, I’ve been chasing a phantom. A name whispered across time and in every language. Mallus.”
Nate: “The phantom mollusk? An evil shellfish?”

Mick: “If I weren’t vampire hunting, I’d rob these rich bastards blind.”

Zari: “I can’t believe we’re in a time where women can’t vote and the internet’s not a thing. Savages.”

Sara: “Nate you ok?”
Nate: “Does it look like I’m ok? Instead of a sexy vampire, I got stuck with this weirdo.”

As they fire missiles at their own ship to break through the lockdown protocol.
Ray: “Ah, who wants to hold hands?”
Nate (reaching for Ray’s hand): “Ray, it’s not friggin Toy Story 3!”
Mick (reading Dracula): “Everyone shut up. I’ve got one page left.”

Sara (to Rip): “Remember when you said you had nothing left to teach me? I guess you had one final lesson: How to be a cold son of a bitch.”

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesday’s 9/8C on the CW.

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