DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 3×06: Starring Helen of Troy as Helen of Troy, Jax as Stein, & introducing Stein as Jax

In “Helen Hunt,” Helen of Troy (anachronism) winds up replacing Hedy Lamarr in a part. Her presence sets off a war between Warner Brothers and KPMG studios. However, the highlight of this episode was watching Franz Drameh portray Martin Stein to perfection and Victor Garber’s mimicry of Jax’s behaviors. In an attempt to separate Firestorm, Ray accidentally switches Jax and Stein (hereafter Jax in Stein’s body will be referred to as Jax!Stein, and vice versa).

Other than that, this episode was pretty slow on laughs. And plot. And character development. It was mainly an episode of familial reveals. It turns out Nora, the witch from last week’s vampire episode, is actually Damien Darhk’s daughter. And they have similar telekinetic powers. It is also revealed that Kuasa carries the water totem and is Amaya’s granddaughter, facts that were already revealed in the Vixen animated TV series.

While the episode was slow, it had a good sword fight scene between Sara and Damien Darhk, as well as some cute moments between Jax and Stein. The episode pointed out that the war was not Helen’s fault, which is nice. However, all of the male characters (except Jax and Stein) spent the entire episode objectifying Helen (including blaming her beauty for their arguing and staring at her ass). So I guess you win some, you lose some. Still, I would like to see some of the young, white, male characters have some decency every once in a while, or at least face more extreme consequences for their behavior than the women rolling their eyes.

I’m happy they gave Hedy Lamarr the credit she deserves for pushing technology so far forward. And she figured out how Jax and Stein could fix their Freaky Friday state. What this episode lacked in…literally everything else… it at least made up in an accurate history lesson on Lamarr’s contributions to science.

Highlights of the Episode:

Nate cracking up at Jax and Stein’s predicamen,t while Sara just closes her eyes and tries not to explode.

Zari calling Nate out on his sexism (which in this episode took the form of blaming Helen for men finding an excuse to fight).

Stein!Jax going on about all the Hollywood classics, and calling Helen an “upstart” who stole the career-making role of Hedy Lamarr. Given that, in addition to being an actress, Lamarr was also a genius inventor, it makes sense that she would be Stein’s “boyhood crush.”

The only reason Stein!Jax got away the first time is because Darkh was too busy laughing at his predicament being stuck in Jax’s body.

Zari choosing to drop Helen off at Themyscira with the Amazons (same time period, different location) instead of Troy because Helen dreaded returning to the world of men.

Best Quotes:

*After Ray explains how he’s going to break apart Firestorm*
Stein: Well, a little too much ‘should’ and ‘hoping’ for my comfort. But then, what is science if not the exploration of the unknown?
Jax: Ray, I’m telling your right now, if you kill me I’m gonna haunt you forever.

*After switching bodies*
Jax!Stein: Everything hurts. Whoa. Look at my hands. They’re white!
Stein!Jax: And mine appear to be… African…American.
Jax!Stein: You can just say black, Gray.

Zari: Do you really think they’ll fall for this stunt?
Sara: Have men gotten smarter in the last few thousand years?
Zari: Nope.

*Upon realizing that Stein!Jax was captured by Darhk*
Sara: We’re going in.
Jax!Stein: I’m coming with you.
Ray: Are you sure you’re up for this, Jax?
Jax!Stein: To save Gray? Damn right I am.
Nate: You may want to pee first. We’re not gonna stop to help you find a bathroom.
Jax!Stein: Good point.
Mick: Me too.
Nate: Just don’t make it a deuce, Mick.
Ray: Yeah and if you do, flush!

DC’s Legend’s of Tomorrow airs Tuesdays 9/8C on the CW. If you missed this episode, you can watch it on CWTV.

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