Advice from the Main Stage at Emerald City Comic Con 2018

The main stage is full of big names and amazing talent but the questions from the audience can sometimes elicit some of the most meaningful moments of the day. From the youngest to the oldest, fans come armed with great questions and they have to think on their feet. Below are some of the inspirational gems from the main stage at Emerald City Comic Con 2018.

On the first day we got to visit with David Tennant and Billie Piper, otherwise known as Doctor Who and Rose. Audience member Maggie from Wenatchee got a lot of attention from David, mostly because he liked the word Wenatchee. Her question was a popular one: how did they each become actors or what advice did they have for those just starting out? David’s answer went something like, “If there is something else you could do, you should probably do that.” Billie’s approach was a little more heartfelt and could also apply to life most days. “I would say, definitely do your fair share of theater, and watch a fair share of theater. Have a very colorful and enjoyable life because that will inform what you do. Try really hard to not turn it into a bloodsport, because it can definitely feel like that at times and that sort of kills it somehow. It’s a fun job but it’s really… it’s oddly competitive. It can feel very aggressive in part. So I think you should try to avoid that as much as you can, because then you can be yourself.”

Later that evening, another audience member asked Khary Payton, King Ezekiel from The Walking Dead, what was his favorite part about being an actor. His answer, again, was more of a philosophy on life: “Honestly, it’s the connection I have with my fellow actors when we’re engaged together. There’s an electricity about it that I absolutely love, but there’s also electricity that I feel with the audience. The cool thing about conventions like this, and being on a show like The Walking Dead, is that I’ve been able to meet so many of you. Even though we don’t have that immediate connection, like right when you watch the show, I can feel it every time I look in your eyes.  Knowing that I’m doing something that I truly love and that you truly love and we have that moment together, that to me is what I’m always searching for. And that’s what brings me back every time.”

“The beauty of it is, I’ve been kicking ass at this for a long time, way before I was getting paid for it, because that connection was the thing that kept me going. So whatever you do, find that thing that gives you that connection with other people, that makes you vibe, that you feel that electricity that you can’t see, but you can feel. Then you know that you’re living.”

On Friday night Jennifer Morrison, Emma Swan from Once Upon a Time, was asked a similar question; what advice would you give those that want to act?

“Find as many ways as possible to challenge yourself creatively and to be making things. Even if you’re not a good singer, you should take voice lessons. Even if you’re not a good dancer, you should take dance lessons. You should be in a class where you’re doing scenes with other people. Find like-minded people to be able to discuss things with. Read plays and talk about them. Go see theater. Surround yourself and immerse yourself in art, in any form. It doesn’t have to just be acting. You don’t know where any of that inspiration is going to come from.”

We’ve still got one more day to go, but so far there have been tiny bits of wisdom and inspiration in every panel I’ve been to. Although they are often words directed at those wanting to pursue acting, they feel a lot like words everyone can learn from. I know these guys are getting paid, but I continue to be impressed by how genuine guests have been and how very willing they are to share their stories so others can learn. If you haven’t been to one, attend a Con in your part of the world. If you love a TV show, meet the actors and listen to what they have to say. Most of the time, you’ll love them even more… and you might even be inspired to find your own passion!

For more on Emerald City Comic Con visit their website. 

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