“Black Panther” Hits $1 Billion Worldwide in Global Box Office

Isn’t this amazing?!

Marvel’s Black Panther is not done killing it at the box office. The film has now officially grossed over $1 billion worldwide, a month into its release.

According to Variety, Black Panther is the 33rd movie to gross $1 billion, which also makes it the 16th Disney movie to reach the milestone and the 5th Marvel film. Domestically Black Panther bumped Dark Knight ($534.9 million) for the number two spot on the list of biggest superhero movies and looks primed to steal the crown from The Avengers ($623.4 million).

After 24 days, Black Panther has reached $562 million domestically. Insane. And so well-deserved.

The first Black superhero movie to ever hit this range at the box office is a big deal! Black Panther is symbolic of the need and desire for more diversity in film and its success means a lot to so many.

It’s a movie African-American children can look up to, a movie that demonstrates how important and empowering it is to be yourself and be proud of your own skin, a movie that inspires and showcases strong female characters who can do whatever they please.

This milestone is to celebrated by all. Black Panther’s achievement paves the way for creating more inclusive projects while opening more opportunities to people of color to be seen on the big screen.

So, have you seen the movie a second time yet? A third? It’s perfectly normal! And encouraged.

If you haven’t seen it yet, GET TO WATCHING! Let’s push this marvel (pun intended) to number one and demonstrate with our dollars why inclusivity should be the norm, and not the exception, going forward.

And if you haven’t read our Round Table Discussion on Black Panther, give it a read and join our discussion. 


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