Emerald City Comic Con Artist Spotlight: Sarah Cosico

Emerald City Comic Con has been over for weeks, but I met a lot of cool artists who are busy all the time creating artwork that shows some of our most beloved television and film characters through their eyes. I knew about Sarah Cosico from her Instagram account @thelicklekiwi and was excited to meet her in person at her booth. Her artwork is heavy on Harry Potter, but she’s drawn characters from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend to (my personal favorite) Wonder Woman. Her style is whimsical but the characters she draws have a special strength, determination and a perfect little sparkle in their eyes. She also does commission work which is pretty cool for personalized invitations or announcements. Get to know her here and then check out her stuff! #MoreArt

Are you a trained artist or were you born with this talent? 

I would say that I’m a little bit of both? I’ve taken some classes, but I’ve been drawing since I was a wee thing. I also think anyone can be an artist, but what gets you there is putting in the time and the work!

What is your dream job?

I would really love to be designing characters at a studio or writing and drawing fun kids books!

What’s it like running your own business? 

It’s funny that I’m answering this question on the day I’m wrestling with taxes, because my knee-jerk reaction right now is, “It sucks! Save yourself the heartache and don’t do it!” But most of the time it’s really cool. I love being able to create stuff that other people enjoy!

What is your favorite part about doing cons like Emerald City Comic Con?

I enjoy getting to have good conversations about common interests and I love getting to meet and see art friends that I wouldn’t normally get to see!

What is the best “client” comment or compliment you’ve ever received? 

I get a lot of “CUTE!” from people, so any comment or compliment that varies from that is a good one in my book! Not that I don’t appreciate the “cute” comments, but it feels really good when someone elaborates on why they think it’s cute.

Tell me what inspires you!

My family and music inspire me the most, I think! I wish I could elaborate more on this, but I just really dig my family and music!

Is this a family business? Does your husband get to help out? 

It’s mostly a “me” business and my husband helps by keeping me sane and wiping tears out of my eyes when I’m overwhelmed! He is also an artist, and I’m hoping that soon we will get to share our wares on the same table!

I think I remember hearing that you are a new mom? How has that changed your art?

Yeah! I have a 3-year-old little dude and he is wonderful! Having a kid definitely makes getting work done a little more challenging, especially since my hubs also does art and we don’t live super close to family, so there’s a lot of rearranging of schedules that happens and some days stuff just doesn’t get done, but on the whole it’s a good time!

Who is your favorite character to draw and why?

I really love drawing Harry Potter characters, as is evident by my table, but I think Hagrid is the most fun to draw out of all the characters. Although… I love drawing Hermione too, the bigger her hair the better!

Which do you like more, drawing known characters with a twist or creating your own new characters? 

I really enjoy drawing known characters, I’ve never been SUPER good at coming up with my own characters, to be honest! I’m working on two original stories and one of them has some original characters that I’m super stoked to share with the world. I just like drawing in general, I guess! [laughs]

Describe your idea of a superhero.

Anyone that can sacrifice their time for others and still manage to get their own stuff done is a superhero in my book!

Any tips for artists wanting to do this freelance gig?

Take care of yourself!  Your health and brain are the most important things and if you feel like you’re starting to burn out, REST! And drink lots of water.

What do you nerd out about? 

Harry Potter, obviously! My sisters and hubs and I have recently gotten into listening to The McElroy Brothers who do The Adventure Zone and My Brother, My Brother and Me podcasts, and we have been nerding out HARD to those. Highly, highly, highly recommend!

You can follow Sarah Cosico on Twitter and Instagram. Also, be sure to visit her website for more artwork, commissions and her awesome original pins. 

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