Image Comics Has New Comics For 2018

Hey Guys! It’s Carey and I’m back again with all your comic updates. Recently, Image Comics released news about their upcoming line. Here are my top picks of what you guys need to know.

Crowded, by Christopher Sebela, Ted Brandt, Ro Stein and Triona Farrell will feature a fictional app called Reaper that allows anyone to crowd fund assassination attempts. The protagonist, Charlie Ellison, will face down waves of hit men with his less than perfect bodyguard. This series will be out this summer.

Annie Wu introduced her new book Dead Guy Fan Club. This story will follow fans of a fallen rock star into adulthood as they investigate the death of their idol. This sounds interesting and would make for a god show in the same vein as TBS’s Search Party. You can grab your copy this fall.

Sam Humphries (Nightwing & Green Lantern) and Jen Bartel have teamed up to create Blackbird, a fantasy story that Image depicts as Harry Potter meets Riverdale. This series will be released from Image Comics in October 2018.

Image will be releasing J. H. Williams and Haden Blackman’s Echolands later this year. It tells the story of a young thief who must escape a vengeful wizard in order to save a world that has forgotten its own history.

The Last Siege is a medieval war story told in the style of a spaghetti western. Landry Q. Walker and Justin Greenwood bring this series to life this summer. Greenwood said, “I’d been looking for a book to really cut loose on and this project came along at the perfect time. I haven’t drawn this much dirt and blood in a long time and loving every minute of it.”

Image Comics has a plethora of new and old titles coming out this year. Look out for a sequel to this list. Catch you next time.

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