TNWU Exclusive Interview: Meet YouTube Sensation Corvyx

Hands down, Corvyx was the winner of our February Cover Wars feature and by a whopping 95%! We at TNWU were excited to chat with Corvyx about his work, style, and upcoming projects. Here’s what this intriguing artist has to say:

You just set up a Patreon – what can Vyxens [fans] expect to see there? What are the levels of support?

Yes, I did! For years I’ve been this phantom figure on YouTube, because I hadn’t really done much interacting with fans besides showing gratitude and responding to comments on my socials. So Patreon is a platform that’s going to allow me to be even more interactive with the VYXENS based on the ‘give and take’ system that was built into the platform’s foundation. VYXENS can expect to see on-set live streaming, the psychological process in which I choose my covers, exclusive production and recording session behind the scenes, free downloads of all of my upcoming covers, first-looks at all of my upcoming music videos, the DIY projects I concoct for specific ensembles and accessories I use in my music videos. But of course these rewards correspond to different tiers of patronage. Patreon will allow my fans to see the skeleton of my work rather than just witnessing a finished product. The different levels of support are named after the Alchemical elements (Earth-$1, Water-$5, Fire-$10, Air-$20, and the Alchemists $40). The video campaign can be found on my YouTube channel as well as my new Patreon account.

How – and why – do you choose the covers you do?

There are usually three solid determining factors that help me choose a cover. 1) Was there one lyric/line that provoked visceral emotion or thought ? 2) Can this be told from another perspective/ how universal and applicable is this to all walks of life? 3) Am I scared shitless to cover this? If the answer is yes to all 3, I’m usually surefire on the decision.

How did you get started in music? Besides guitar, do you play any other instruments?

My sister thought it was comical to record me at 2 to 3 years old singing the likes of Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion and Michael Jackson on our landline answering machine. And so I began covering pop divas/rockstars in the primal stages of life. My mom was also a marginally successful recording artist at the age of 14 in Italy and so you might say it’s woven in my DNA. I actually don’t play guitar… I would love to learn piano though…

What is your video shooting schedule like?

I try to schedule the shoots accordingly, about a month apart in between each cover. During the shoot days, I usually block out most of the day for preparation. In total, from conception to completion, shoot days usually span 7-8 hours. Travel time, hair and makeup, set-up, shoot-time and breakdown, and a mandatory post-shoot sushi adventure must be accounted for. Shoot days are usually fun but they also sort of zip by because I am tunnel-visioned for a majority of the day and focused on being ready for the shoot. Once on-set, all of the preparation comes together and the magic starts happening. I get to transform. Oh, P.S.- Mother Nature 9/10 times decides to throw in an apocalyptic storm during my shoots so that’s always a blast too.

Describe how you re-key a female vocalist’s song for your male voice….

Remember the scared shitless factor? I usually do not choose to lower the key of a gender-bender cover, because I like to challenge myself. I like to test the limitations of my vocal range. I think telling myself I need to lower something makes me want to cover it in the original key even more. Of course vocal health is important, and if I feel it really is a detriment to my health I will take the blow to ego and lower the key. However, for most of my female covers, I haven’t and that choice is one that has drawn people to my channel and my voice. It’s sort of like a cool super power/secret weapon.

Tell us a bit about your passion for fashion!

Fashion is something that is entirely subjective. As much as the fashion industry likes to push an objective perspective on us (“That’s so last season…”), I view fashion the same way I view music. Conceptually. I know it when I feel it. It needs to be visceral. It needs to evoke something in me. I wear things that tell the story I try to convey or that at least compliment the mood/tone I envision in my covers/videos. I will say that I’m very drawn to avant garde, futuristic, chic fashion. Broke with expensive taste, much? Such as @RickOwens, @MinoarClothing, @JungleTribeLA, and @RITUAL_Official to name a few…

You have a background in theater – how does this manifest in both your musical style and your videos?

I have a knack for drama, if you haven’t gathered that by now… Theatre was invaluable and absolutely incredible training for what was/is to come for the rest of my career. I can tell a story. I can empathize. I can really understand (to the best of my personal ability) what the artist/songwriter might have been going through when they wrote that song. Chances are I’ve been through something very similar and if I haven’t, my experience in acting helps me conjure up something that can take me there. Sense memory. “How does this relate to me? Why do I relate to IT?” It all manifests in my affinity for theatrics, both visually and sonically. I want to create the entire experience. I want to be a portal for people and selfishly, myself.

What are your plans for more original songs?

I have many unreleased originals, because I’m a procrastinating perfectionist. I don’t want to release most of the things I write, because I become restless and think it isn’t good enough. I’ve set the bar high with my covers and so my insecurities scream they won’t measure up. BUT I’m choosing to relinquish some perfectionism in an attempt to be less selfish and to let people hear the songs I’ve written and recorded. I plan on releasing a few standalone singles this year and if all goes well, a concept EP by the end of 2018.

You are an international darling! Your Vyxens are fiercely devoted. Do you have any plans to tour?

I have every intention of touring once I have a body of work I feel proud of performing for my fans. And I have a feeling it’s closer than we all think. I’m vibrating with creativity and I miss performing live. There’s nothing else like it.

What inspires you, musically and otherwise?

All 6 senses. Yes, 6. Sometimes I see dead people… J/K (maybe). Sight, Touch, Sound, Taste, Smell, and INTUITION. I’m inspired by my gut. I’m inspired by things that strike me in ways I cannot quite articulate. I’m inspired by experience. I’m also inspired by the stars and anything celestial/otherworldly.

What’s the next step in your journey?

The next step is to keep pushing forward. Bettering myself, bettering my art, honing my craft. Experimenting with new outlets/platforms for creativity, to create more covers, and to create an original body of work I can be proud of and to continue to inspire even one more person. Bigger, better, more….

Do you have any nerdy hobbies? (We love talking nerdy!)

I actually am a part of so many nerdy fandoms. I love, love, love Game of Thrones and usually binge-watch conspiracy theorists on YouTube for hours after watching an episode (and YES, I’ve read all the books… patiently waiting for WINDS OF WINTER, GEORGE!) I’m also kind of a (and by “kind of” I mean MAJOR) horror movie fanatic and collect Pop Funkos, collectible pins, and Living Dead Dolls!

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