Preview: Chicago P.D. 5×22 “Homecoming”

This is it. Chicago P.D. has been building up to the season finale for weeks with some excellent episodes (you could even argue that they’ve been putting the building blocks in place for this finale since the first episode of the season). There’s a ton of questions heading into this week’s finale: Will Voight take the fall for what he did at the end of season three? Will Olinsky survive that brutal stabbing? Will Denny finally be taken down once and for all?

The Chi-Hards over at Talk Nerdy With Us want to make sure you are adequately prepared for tonight with a little sneak peek of what’s to come during what I’m dubbing “the most brutal hour” of the season. 

This episode is emotional AF. Grab all the tissues, stock up on your wine and your chocolate or whatever else you tend to reach for when you’re all up in your feels. I was crying from minute one all the way through minute 42. This is that kind of episode.

This episode is anticlimactic. I’m not going to say on which front, but I was a little disappointed by how one particular storyline wrapped up.

This episode shows Antonio being put between a rock and hard place. We saw Antonio push Voight in 5×21 and Voight literally pushed back. It’s no secret that Antonio and Voight aren’t always on the same page when it comes to their definition of justice and how to approach certain situations. But in this episode, Antonio has to make his toughest decision yet about whether he does what is right or whether he protects the unit. And not everybody in the unit is a fan of his opinion.

This episode is Jason Beghe’s best episode of the entire series. The last five or so minutes of the finale are without a doubt Beghe’s best work. The “what rules” aspect that makes Voight such a complex and hotly-debated character is brought to the forefront of this episode; Beghe, yet again, really makes you think about whether there is a right side of justice or just a whole gray area. The final scene allows him to take Voight to a place we haven’t seen him go before. If you could give an Emmy to an actor just for one episode, I would say Jason deserves it for this one. 

This episode left me with so many questions. Ever since I saw the finale, I’ve been thinking about what this means for season six. And honestly, I have no concrete theories as of writing this. Let’s just leave it at this: I have a feeling that how the Intelligence Unit operates and the dynamics between its members has officially changed forever.

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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