Favorite Raige Moments from Season Two

Season two of Famous in Love has been a long and winding road for Rainer and Paige, better known to fans by their ship name, Raige. While the season ended on a positive note, this relationship continues to be the slowest of slow burns. Since the finale, I’ve had a few weeks to think about the best Raige scenes. If you need me during hiatus, you can find me replaying these 7 over and over and over. Without further ado, here are my favorite Raige moments from season two.

7. Makeout on the bed — 2×05 “Reality Bites Back”

HOLY SEXUAL CHEMISTRY. This scene is definitely tied with the camera-blocking sex scene from 1×09 for the hottest scene on Famous in Love. Even though this scene is for Locked and not actually Rainer and Paige, a hot and steamy makeout is still a hot and steamy makeout. No complaints here.

6. “The only thing that matters right now is here with me” AKA Noah comes home to August — 2×03 “Totes on a Scandal” 


I know this is technically another scene between Noah and August, but all I see is Rainer and Paige. Before they even start shooting the scene Paige tells Rainer he needs to be in the moment with her and put everything else out of his mind. The scene itself features “Noah” returning home from war and finding out “August” is pregnant with his baby. Yet it was so obvious Rainer was channeling his own emotions regarding the Jordan and Nina affair he’d learned about earlier that day. He’d pretended he was fine leading up to this scene, even when everyone knew he wasn’t. It honestly didn’t surprise me that the first time he breaks down is while filming this scene with Paige. I also like to consider this the moment where Rainer and Paige stopped being mad at one another for everything that happened during Locked‘s temporary hiatus. Again, everything in this scene is “acting,” but when has anything with Rainer and Paige been anything but natural, raw, and real?

5. “Its called acting.” — 2×02 “La La Locked”


When I first saw this scene, it broke my heart. “Why would I need closure for something that never was? Closure is for two people who had something.” Ugh, stab me in the heart a couple of more times, won’t you Rainer? 

But the more I re-watched this episode, the more I saw their chemistry and connection were still there, even after a month of not seeing each other. Sure they’d both moved on to new people during that month, but they never stopped caring about each other; they were just mad at each other and didn’t want to show one another how vulnerable they actually were.

I also really love how “acting” has become their little thing. It’s code for “we have deep, romantic feelings for each other and it shows on camera, but neither one of us wants to admit it to each other so we’ll just say we’re doing our jobs.”

4. “You can’t get rid of me that easily” — 2×06 “The Goodbye Boy”

A quick yet important scene. Paige is concerned things are going to change between them now that Locked is done shooting and Rainer is supposedly moving to the East Coast. But Rainer assures her he’ll still be around. What isn’t said, but is totally implied, is that Rainer can’t fully let go of Paige because of how deeply he’s come to care for her while filming this movie. He tried before and failed miserably. He’s not going to attempt something so foolish again. ALSO HE KISSES HER ON THE CHEEK — it’s intimate and tender and sweet and just a beautiful moment.

3. “For you, anything” — 2×05 “Reality Bites Back”

It took half of season two to get a Raige scene of significance, but it did not disappoint. Rainer takes Paige home after she gets a little too tipsy at his Trending Ocean fundraiser. Once they get back to Paige’s brand new, fancy house, everything that happens could honestly be taken right from Raige fanfic — it’s that perfect. From Rainer helping Paige remove her shoes (a very intimate thing, as she points out) to Paige asking Rainer to stay because she doesn’t want to be alone, the whole three minutes and 23 seconds are glorious.

But the best part, without a doubt, is Rainer telling Paige “For you? Anything.” We all know Rainer has been head over heels in love with Paige since the moment he laid eyes on her at Gold Brothers Studios. He says this line with such sincerity it makes me melt into a puddle every time I watch it. 

Also, the music they play in this scene is of note. “If the world falls to pieces, at least I’ll be with you.” If that isn’t a clue that a) Rainer and Paige would support one another as they endure hardships, both personally and professionally, in the second half of the season and b) Raige is endgame then I don’t know what is.

2.  “Promise me you won’t regret that kiss.” — 2×10 The Good, the Bad and the Crazy”

Rainer goes after Paige on a bicycle to thank her, in a moment that gave me all of the “Rainer going after Paige on her audition day” vibes. He tells her he doesn’t want this to be goodbye and begs her to audition for a part in his movie. He goes on to tell her, “That’s the reason I fell for you in the first place. There’s nothing fake about you, Paige.”

Then Raige fans finally get what they have been dying for since the moment these two met: a kiss that has nothing to do with Locked. Paige didn’t respond with words when Rainer says he hopes she won’t regret their first off-screen kiss; instead, she gave him the biggest grin, a move that implies she could never have such misgivings. They end up, LITERALLY, riding into the sunset on a bicycle.

Honestly, the only reason this scene isn’t number one is the fact that nothing followed. I was hoping Rainer and Paige would at least talk about the kiss at Jordan’s party. However, no scene followed whatsoever. Still, this scene is perfect and gives me hope season 3 will finally be the season of Raige. At least that’s what I’m telling myself to get through what I’m sure will be a brutal hiatus.

1. Paige Gives Rainer “A Sign” — 2×09 “Full Mental Jacket”

This scene is right up there with the “R” in sign language scene from season one as my favorite Raige scene of all time. Rainer and Paige are having an honest conversation over dinner about their fears of the future and why neither one of them is sure they should continue acting. Rainer tells Paige he just wishes there was a sign telling him what he should do; Paige responds by writing “a sign” on a piece of paper and handing it to him with a big smile. It’s worth noting – the entire time she’s creating his sign Rainer can’t take his eyes off of her.

Whether as friends or as romantic interests, they always know just what to do to get through to each other and show their support for one another. It’s one of the many reasons Raige was able to become fast friends in season one and ultimately resume their friendship so quickly in season two. It’s also just one of the many reasons Raige has cemented their place on my Top 10 ‘Ships list. 

So fellow Raige fans, what do you think about my list? What are some of your favorite Raige moments of season two? Be sure to let me know in the comments below!

All GIF credits go to FYEAHFAMOUSINLOVE Tumblr except for #2 which goes to ELENAALVARES Tumblr

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