A Warm Hello To (The Now Defrosted) Jonathan Morgenstern

Amidst our time of crisis – it’s been a loooong seven weeks – we have been given the utter joy of welcoming Luke Baines to the cast of Shadowhunters as our new Jonathan Morgenstern. Whilst it’s sad to say goodbye to the phenomenal Will Tudor as Sebastian Verlac (a.k.a Jonathan Morgenstern, in disguise), it’s exciting to see a new actor take the role: a fresh dive into Jonathan’s character can be nothing but a blessing as we discover more and more about this complex villain, who has hopefully evolved beyond a walking charred marshmallow in the continuing season!

Baines has previously creeped audiences out with his standout performance as Tom in the horror film The Girl in the Photographs. We have no doubt that creepiness will trickle into his performance as the infamous Morgenstern.

He recorded a lovely, short video for fans introducing himself – after a couple of attempts – and for anyone unsure of this recasting, you should watch and feel rest assured! Luke seems like an absolute sweetheart who will be deceptively evil as Jonathan and a joy to watch. Baines promised, “some wonderful stuff in store for you over the next 12 episodes. You’re going to find out a lot more about why he feels the way he feels about Clary and his feeling on Jace.”

Erchomai. Baines arrives to continue the brilliant portrayal of a loved/hated character and perhaps (you know he will!) cause a stir for the characters in the show. But who knows, maybe he is just looking to bring his mother back? Combusting is surely, definitely, reversible. Right? Right?

In times of prolonged sadness and uncertainty like this, a small sprinkling of hope is never a bad thing. Baines is no doubt going to be a brilliant addition to our beloved cast – please welcome him into the fandom with all the love and energy we’ve dedicated to our campaign, throw kindness around like confetti to another wonderful human being who “knows the power of this fandom, and [is] so excited to be a part of it, and to meet you all.”

Baines arrival is something to look forward to Shadowhunters fans, and we, for one, can’t wait to see him shine as Jonathan in season 3B!

Shadowhunters is rumored to return to August 16th, we’ll keep you posted on an official return date. 

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