Man Crush Monday: J.D. Pardo

Mayans MC is the Sons of Anarchy spin-off we fans have waited nearly four years for, and it has been so worth the wait. With its strong cast and excellent storyline, the show has been such a hit for FX that it has already been renewed for season two. While there are many talented actors showcased in this ensemble show, it’s young J.D. Pardo who really stands out.

Pardo plays Ezekiel, or EZ as he’s called, the young prospect for the club. EZ has a complicated past; at one time he was a star student and on his way to a good college when he got involved in gang violence and shot a cop. Now EZ is out of prison on a deal — turn over the Galindo cartel (who the gang happens to work for) or go back behind bars for life. Further complicating the matter is EZ’s old high school girlfriend, who is now married to Galindo. Oh boy! It would be an easy choice for me to make; J.D. Pardo is definitely the “Jax Teller” of this series, with his jaw-dropping good looks. I don’t see how Emily chose Galindo, except for maybe his money.

Pardo was born in September 1980 in California. His full name is Jorge Daniel Pardo. His father is from Argentina and his mother is from El Salvador.

You may recognize Pardo as Nahuel in Twilight Saga Part 2: Breaking Dawn. He also has a long list of TV credits; including Drive with Nathan Fillion, American Dreams, Veronica Mars, Clubhouse, The O.C., 2010’s reboot of 90210, Revolution, Blood and Oil, The Messenger, East Los High, and SWAT. In addition to Breaking Dawn, Pardo has starred in A Cinderella Story, Snitch, and A Girl Like Me.

In addition to acting, J.D has a passion for soccer and music.

You can follow J.D. on his Facebook and on Twitter. J. D. is very active live tweeting during the show and seems happy to answer fans’ questions (no, the tattoos aren’t real; they are done with makeup!).

Mayans MC airs Tuesday nights at 10pm on FX. Be sure to check out J.D.!

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