‘Arrow’ 7×15 recap: Oliver brings Team Arrow back together but with a twist

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers from Season 7, Episode 15 of Arrow titled “Training Day”. Do not read if you have not seen the episode or read ahead at your own risk.

With the news that Season 8 will be Arrow‘s last, it is time for the show to start tying up loose ends and bringing things full circle. Monday night’s episode did just that in more ways than one.

The episode kicks off with Team Arrow training with the SCPD; Oliver (Stephen Amell) is determined to make the partnership work, especially with an Olicity baby on the way. Dinah (Juliana Harkavy) informs the team that no costumes and no vigilante gadgets will be allowed. She is going to make them go by the book — how boring.

The new partnership is put to the test when the SCPD has to track down someone who is using poison bullets. Team Arrow and the SCPD go into the field and there was a lot of confusion; the suspect got away and Dinah lost her cry. The question I have is: how does Dinah lose her cry in the present day but have it in the future flashforwards?

Anyway, there’s a heated confrontation between Oliver and one of the cops. Oliver takes things into his own hands and legally figures out how to capture James Midas (Andrew Kavadas). However, what the team is not aware of is that he is actually friends with Mayor Pollard (Laara Sadiq), so he is let go.

Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) brings Oliver to the new and improved Arrow bunker. Seeing it makes me wonder: where the heck did they get the money for this? Diggle (David Ramsey) comes over and Olicity tells him about the new baby. Diggle warns them that if Oliver goes back to doing things the Green Arrow way, he risks going back to prison.

Dinah then visits and Oliver apologizes to her for taking his anger out on the SCPD and says he wants a chance to do things right. He gets that chance as Team Arrow comes back together and legally captures Midas. Dinah informs the team she lost her cry, but gives them the good news that the Mayor agreed to make Team Arrow a special vigilante task force within the SCPD.

In this week’s flashforward, future William (Ben Lewis) and Mia (Katherine McNamara) search for a cassette recorder. They eventually find one and play Felicity’s message. In part, she apologizes for “mostly for keeping the two of you apart.” She went on to say she and Oliver “did it to protect you because [we] love you.” She gives them coordinates, which Mia says will lead them to The Glades.

Episode Notes:

  • The other plot involved somewhat-still-evil-but-trying-to-do-good Laurel (Katie Cassidy) is summoned to Slabside by Bronze Tiger (Michael Jai White). He tells her that he knows who killed Ricardo Diaz, but would like to see his son if he can’t get the freedom that Oliver got. Laurel keeps her promise and brings his son to see him. I’m wondering if “Little Hawk” will be adopted by Diggle in the future? This must mean bad news for Bronze Tiger.
  • Olicity talk baby names and agree on Mia for a girl (boom, there’s the set up for the future) and Lucas for a boy.
  • While Felicity is going away at the keyboard in the episode, Diggle tells her he gets the feeling she is “working on something much bigger” (and there’s the set up for the future…again).

What did you make of the episode? Tell me in the comments below!

Arrow airs Mondays at 8/7c on The CW.

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