Motor City Comic Con Recap

The first comic convention I ever attended was Motor City Comic Con in 2014. I had recently discovered the amazingness that is Doctor Who and John Barrowman, AKA Captain Jack Harkness, was going to be in attendance. My best friend and I reserved a hotel room, put together outfits for River Song and Captain Jack, and had the best weekend together.

From that moment on, I was hooked. I wanted to visit every convention I could. And over the last five years, I have. I’ve traveled all over the country attending, volunteering, and working conventions. They are truly my happy place, and I owe everything to Motor City Comic Con for introducing me to a world I love.

beauty, brains, & brawn – Wonder Woman meets Okoye

Since my first convention, I have been given so many opportunities. Best of all, I’ve been able to write here at Talk Nerdy With Us, something I never thought possible, yet here I am living my new dream. This year, I returned to Motor City Comic Con, what I consider my hometown con, and covered it as press.

Now, Motor City is not the best convention I’ve ever been to, it has its issues, but if you are a Michigan local and want to experience a con, MCCC is a fantastic one in which to dip your toe. No matter what piques your interest — TV, comics, cosplay — you are sure to find something you enjoy. This year I attended all three wonderful days and was rewarded with some of the best memories.

No need to “Gaige” our reaction – this is a killer cosplay

Friday, I spent most of my time wandering the convention floor and getting my bearings on this year’s setup. The Suburban Collection Showplace, home of MCCC, was added onto within the last year, which changed the layout of the show. Thankfully, the renovation added much-needed space that was fully utilized by the convention.

COmics you shall buy.

Attending the same convention for several years also meant I got to spend a lot of my Friday visiting with friends. It’s a great feeling to run into people you haven’t seen for a year and yet talk to them like it was yesterday.

Saturday was quite a day! I got to interview two fantastic humans and meet several more actors I’ve dreamed of meeting. I was fortunate to interview Irene Bedard (Pocahontas) and Henry Ian Cusick (The 100). [Look for those interviews to be posted soon.] However, the person I was most excited to meet was Felicia Day. Felicia has been a role model for me for many years. She is so unapologetically nerdy, and that’s what I try to emulate. Plus, she is as lovely and sweet as you could ever imagine.

Fangirling over felicia

The other actor I was incredibly excited to meet was Doug Jones. Over the past couple of years, he has really impressed me. Especially watching him on Star Trek: Discovery. I just knew he was the type of person I needed to hug. And boy does he like to give hugs!

squeezed by saru

At any convention, Saturday’s cosplay is always impressive. Please enjoy my favorites from this year’s MCCC!

G.R.R. Martin will never get the next book done if he’s attending cons
don’t talk to chewy before coffee
built detroit tough

My favorite day of MCCC was Sunday because I got to bring my mom. She had come with me to Motor City a few years back, but this year, we got to meet Jax Teller himself, Charlie Hunnam. We are both big fans of Sons of Anarchy, and having Charlie come to Michigan was a treat. I also got to interview Leslie Baker (The Office) on Sunday!

hunnam sandwich

Another treat for my mom — she got to meet Henry “The Fonz” Winkler. After watching Henry interact with fans both Friday and Saturday, I told her she had to go meet him. To anyone reading this, if you get the chance, go meet the legend that is Mr. Winkler. He was so personable with everyone he met, it was a pleasure to watch.


All in all, Motor City Comic Con 2019 was another great convention to mark in the books. I met amazing people, got to spend time with my mom, and caught up with my convention family, new and old. I know Detroit, Michigan doesn’t usually come to mind when people think of comic conventions, but it should.

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