‘Scream: Resurrection’ finale recap: And the killer is…

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers regarding the season three finale of Scream: Resurrection. Read on at your own risk.

After six episodes, Scream: Resurrection has come to an end and another killer has been unmasked. Wednesday’s finale saw twists and turns and one major surprise.

The season centered around Deion Elliot, so it is only fitting we start with him. After his team’s football game, Deion told Liv a huge secret: he’s actually Marcus! That’s right – it was actually Deion who died on Halloween night eight years ago.

How is this possible? The twin boys switched costumes while trick-or-treating and after the events took place, their mother thought Marcus went missing so he just went with it. Marcus continued to live life as “Deion” and got the benefits in life he probably wouldn’t have gotten if Deion was still alive.

The first hour was basically filler, so let’s jump right into the first big reveal. Jamal was stabbed at the end of the penultimate episode by Ghostface. He is locked in the back of a big rig truck and calls Marcus to come over to save him before it’s too late. As Marcus arrives, Jamal drops the bomb that he is really Ghostface.

Jamal explains that he knew Marcus was pretending to be Deion this entire time and he wanted revenge because he blamed Marcus for stealing their father away from the family. Deion and Earl were tight and Jamal wanted that relationship back with Earl; to make that happen, Deion Marcus needed to die.

Before Jamal diesfrom his wounds, he makes one final confession: there’s another killer and she is going to make sure they all suffer. So at this point, I’m thinking Jamal and Kym are working together because they’ve both known Marcus the longest. But my original suspect list was wrong.

The show tried to throw us off by having us think that the killer was Liv after she knocks Beth over the head and locks her in the closet. However, the true mastermind behind everything this season was horror movie lover Beth. She shoots Marcus and chases Liv up to the roof of the school. She explains that she has always been a sociopath, which is why she has a love for the dark and scary movies. Watching scary movies was not enough; she needed something more real, which is how Jamal came into play. During their tattoo sessions, he would spill his feelings about Marcus and Beth manipulated him to join her and begin their killing spree.

Beth was just about to kill Liv when Marcus came in and hit Beth over the head with his football helmet. Kym arrived just in time and shoots Beth as she was about to make one last attempt at killing.

Marcus, Liv, and Kym all survived. Kym went to school at Georgia Tech and Marcus and Liv enjoyed life in San Diego. That is, until Marcus gets a call from a blocked number. Ah, here we go again – right?

Episode Notes

  • The killer reveals were a tad lame this time around. However, Beth ranks as one of my all-time favorite killers behind Kieran.
  • I do wonder if Marcus declining the call at the end of the show means that the series is officially over? I hope not because VH1 could make something really special with a full season order. Fingers crossed that the ratings are good enough to have the network consider a return.

What did you think of the season? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. They need to continue the old seasons. We still don’t know what happened to dude who was locked up and seen ghostface over his cell… Well we seen he didn’t.

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